Isaiah 33:1-24

33  Woe to you who are despoiling, without you yourself being despoiled, and to you who are dealing treacherously, without [others] having dealt treacherously with you!*+ As soon as you have finished as a despoiler, you will be despoiled.+ As soon as you have done with dealing treacherously, they will deal treacherously with you.+  O Jehovah, show us favor.+ In you we have hoped.+ Become our* arm+ every morning,+ yes, our salvation in the time of distress.+  At the sound of turmoil peoples have fled.+ At your arising nations have been dispersed.+  And the spoil+ of YOU people will actually be gathered [like] the cockroaches when gathering in, like the onrush of locust swarms that is rushing against one.+  Jehovah will certainly be put on high,+ for he is residing in the height.+ He must fill Zion with justice and righteousness.+  And the trustworthiness of your times must prove to be a wealth of salvations+—wisdom and knowledge,+ the fear of Jehovah,+ which is his treasure.  Look! Their very heroes* have cried out in the street; the very messengers* of peace+ will weep bitterly.  The highways have been made desolate;+ the one passing over the path has ceased.+ He has broken the covenant;+ he has contemned the cities;+ he has taken no account of mortal man.*+  The land* has gone mourning, has withered away.+ Lebʹa·non has become abashed;+ it has moldered.* Sharʹon+ has become like the desert plain; and Baʹshan and Carʹmel are shaking off [their leaves].+ 10  “Now I will rise up,”+ says Jehovah, “now I will exalt myself;+ now I will lift myself up.+ 11  YOU people conceive dried grass;+ YOU will give birth to stubble. YOUR own spirit, as a fire,+ will eat YOU up.+ 12  And peoples must become as the burnings of lime. As thorns cut away, they will be set ablaze even with fire.+ 13  Hear, YOU men who are far away, what I must do!+ And know, YOU who are nearby, my mightiness.+ 14  In Zion the sinners have come to be in dread;+ shivering has grabbed hold of the apostates:+ ‘Who of us can reside for any time with a devouring fire?+ Who of us can reside for any time with long-lasting conflagrations?’+ 15  “There is one who is walking in continual righteousness+ and speaking what is upright,+ who is rejecting the unjust gain from frauds,+ who is shaking his hands clear from taking hold on a bribe,+ who is stopping up his ear from listening to bloodshed, and who is closing his eyes so as not to see what is bad.+ 16  He is the one that will reside on the heights themselves;+ his secure height will be craggy places difficult to approach.+ His own bread will certainly be given [him];+ his water supply will be unfailing.”+ 17  A king in his handsomeness is what your eyes will behold;+ they will see a land far away.+ 18  Your own heart will comment in low tones+ on a frightful thing: “Where is the secretary? Where is the one that does the paying out?+ Where is the one counting the towers?”+ 19  No insolent* people will you see, a people too deep in language* to listen to, of a stammering tongue without [your] understanding.+ 20  Behold Zion,+ the town of our festal occasions!+ Your own eyes will see Jerusalem an undisturbed abiding place, a tent that no one will pack up.+ Never will its tent pins be pulled out, and none of its ropes will be torn in two.+ 21  But there the Majestic One,+ Jehovah, will be for us a place of rivers,+ of wide* canals. On it no galley fleet will go, and no majestic ship will pass over it. 22  For Jehovah is our Judge,+ Jehovah is our Statute-giver,+ Jehovah is our King;+ he himself will save us.+ 23  Your* ropes must hang loose; their mast they will not hold firmly erect; they have not spread a sail. At that time even spoil in abundance will have to be divided up; the lame ones themselves will actually take a big plunder.+ 24  And no resident will say: “I am sick.”+ The people that are dwelling in [the land]* will be those pardoned for their error.+


“You,” T, eight Heb. mss and four printed ed.; 1QIsaM, 20 Heb. mss and seven printed ed., “him.”
“Our,” TSyVgc and some Heb. mss; 1QIsaM and some Heb. mss, “their.”
Or, “envoys.”
“Their very heroes.” Heb., ʼer·ʼel·lamʹ; the meaning is uncertain.
“Mortal man.” Heb., ʼenohshʹ.
Or, “it has been taken by lice.”
Or, “earth.”
Or, “barbarous”; or, “presumptuous.”
Lit., “lip.”
Compare Ge 34:21 ftn, “Wide.”
“Your,” fem. sing.
Lit., “it,” fem., referring to the land or earth, fem.