Isaiah 62:1-12

62  For the sake of Zion I shall not keep still,+ and for the sake of Jerusalem+ I shall not stay quiet until her righteousness goes forth just like the brightness,+ and her salvation like a torch that burns.+  “And the nations will certainly see your* righteousness,+ [O woman,]*+ and all kings your glory.+ And you will actually be called by a new name,+ which the very mouth of Jehovah will designate.  And you must become a crown of beauty in the hand of Jehovah,+ and a kingly turban in the palm of your God.*  No more will you be said to be a woman left entirely;+ and your own land will no more be said to be desolate;+ but you yourself will be called My Delight Is in Her,*+ and your land Owned as a Wife.* For Jehovah will have taken delight in you, and your own land will be owned as a wife.+  For just as a young man takes ownership of a virgin as his wife, your sons will take ownership of you as a wife.+ And with the exultation of a bridegroom over a bride,+ your God will exult even over you.+  Upon your walls, O Jerusalem, I have commissioned watchmen.+ All day long and all night long, constantly, let them not keep still.+ “YOU who are making mention of Jehovah,+ let there be no silence on YOUR part,+  and do not give him any silence until he fixes solidly, yes, until he sets Jerusalem as a praise in the earth.”+  Jehovah has sworn with his right hand+ and with his strong arm:+ “I will no more give your* grain as food to your enemies,+ nor will foreigners* drink your new wine,+ for which you have toiled.  But the very ones gathering it will eat it, and they will be certain to praise Jehovah; and the very ones collecting it will drink it in my holy courtyards.”+ 10  Pass out, pass out through the gates, YOU men. Clear the way of the people.+ Bank up, bank up the highway. Rid [it] of stones.+ Raise up a signal* for the peoples.+ 11  Look! Jehovah himself has caused [it] to be heard to the farthest part* of the earth:+ “Say, YOU people, to the daughter of Zion,+ ‘Look! Your salvation is coming.+ Look! The reward he gives is with him,+ and the wages he pays are before him.’”+ 12  And men will certainly call them the holy people,+ those repurchased by Jehovah;+ and you yourself will be called Searched For,* a City Not Left Entirely.+


“Your,” fem. sing.
“O woman,” inserted because “your” is fem. sing. and refers to “Jerusalem.”
“Your God.” Heb., ʼElo·haʹyikh.
Or, “Owned by a Husband.” Or, “Beulah.” Heb., Beʽu·lahʹ.
“My Delight Is in Her.” Or, “Hephzibah.” Heb., Cheph·tsi-vahʹ.
“Your,” fem. sing., addressed to Zion, or Jerusalem.
Lit., “sons of a foreign (country).”
“Signal.” Heb., nes; Lat., siʹgnum.
“Searched For.” Heb., Dheru·shahʹ, fem. sing.