Isaiah 27:1-13

27  In that day Jehovah,+ with his hard and great and strong sword,+ will turn his attention to Le·viʹa·than,*+ the gliding serpent,+ even to Le·viʹa·than, the crooked serpent, and he will certainly kill the sea monster+ that is in the sea.  In that day sing to her,+ YOU people: “A vineyard+ of foaming wine!*  I, Jehovah, am safeguarding her.+ Every moment I shall water her.+ In order that no one may turn his attention against her, I shall safeguard her even night and day.+  There is no rage that I have.+ Who will give me thornbushes+ [and] weeds in the battle? I will step on such. I will set such on fire at the same time.+  Otherwise let him take hold of my stronghold, let him make peace with me; peace let him make with me.”+  In the coming [days] Jacob will take root, Israel+ will put forth blossoms and actually sprout; and they will simply fill the surface of the productive land* with produce.+  As with the stroke of one striking him does one have to strike him? Or as with the slaughter* of his killed ones does he have to be killed?+  With a scare cry you will contend with her when sending her forth. He must expel [her] with his blast, a hard one in the day of the east wind.+  Therefore by this means the error of Jacob will be atoned for,+ and this is all the fruit [when] he takes away his sin,+ when he makes all the stones of the altar like chalkstones that have been pulverized, so that the sacred poles*+ and the incense stands will not rise up.+ 10  For the fortified city will be solitary, the pasture ground will be left to itself and abandoned like a wilderness.+ There the calf will graze, and there it will lie down; and he will actually consume her boughs.+ 11  When her sprigs have dried up, women coming in will break [them] off, lighting them up.+ For it is not a people of keen understanding.+ That is why its Maker will show it no mercy, and its own Former will show it no favor.+ 12  And it must occur in that day that Jehovah will beat off [the fruit],+ from the flowing stream of the River*+ to the torrent valley of Egypt,+ and so YOU yourselves will be picked up one after the other,+ O sons of Israel. 13  And it must occur in that day that there will be a blowing on a great horn,*+ and those who are perishing in the land of As·syrʹi·a+ and those who are dispersed in the land of Egypt+ will certainly come and bow+ down to Jehovah in the holy mountain in Jerusalem.+


“Leviathan,” MSyVg; LXX, “the dragon.”
“Foaming wine.” AlCa(Heb.), cheʹmer; that is, fermenting wine.
See 13:11 ftn, “Land.”
Lit., “killing.”
Or, “the Asherim.”
That is, the Euphrates.
Or, “shofar.”