Isaiah 12:1-6

12  And in that day+ you will be sure to say: “I shall thank you, O Jehovah, for [although] you got incensed at me, your anger gradually turned back,+ and you proceeded to comfort me.+  Look! God* is my salvation.+ I shall trust and be in no dread;+ for Jah* Jehovah* is my strength+ and [my]* might,*+ and he came to be the salvation of me.”+  With exultation YOU people will be certain to draw water out of the springs of salvation.+  And in that day YOU will certainly say: “Give thanks to Jehovah, YOU people!+ Call upon his name.+ Make known among the peoples his dealings.+ Make mention that his name is put on high.+  Make melody to Jehovah,+ for he has done surpassingly.+ This is made known in all the earth.*  “Cry out shrilly and shout for joy, O you inhabitress* of Zion, for great in the midst of you* is the Holy One of Israel.”+


Or, “melody.” LXXVg, “praise.” See Ex 15:2 ftn, “Might.”
“My,” 1QIsaLXXSyVg and two Heb. mss.
“Jah Jehovah.” Heb., Yah Yehwahʹ. This combination occurs only here and in 26:4.
“Jah.” Heb., Yah. See Ex 15:2 ftn, “Jah”; Ps 68:4 ftn.
“God.” Heb., ʼEl.
Or, “the land.” Heb., ha·ʼaʹrets.
Or, “population,” fem. sing., considered collectively as a woman.
“You,” fem., that is, “inhabitress of Zion.”