Isaiah 58:1-14

58  “Call out full-throated; do not hold back.+ Raise your voice just like a horn,* and tell my people their revolt,+ and the house of Jacob their sins.  Yet day after day it was I whom they kept seeking, and it was in the knowledge of my ways that they would express delight,+ like a nation that carried on righteousness itself and that had not left the very justice of their God,+ in that they kept asking me for righteous judgments, drawing near to God* in whom they had delight,+  “‘For what reason did we fast and you did not see,+ and did we afflict our soul+ and you would take no note?’+ “Indeed YOU people were finding delight in the very day of YOUR fasting, when there were all YOUR toilers that YOU kept driving to work.+  Indeed for quarreling and struggle YOU would fast,+ and for striking with the fist of wickedness.+ Did YOU not keep fasting as in the day for making YOUR voice to be heard in the height?  Should the fast that I choose become like this, as a day for earthling man to afflict his soul?+ For bowing down his head just like a rush, and that he should spread out mere sackcloth and ashes as his couch?+ Is it this that you call a fast and a day acceptable to Jehovah?+  “Is not this the fast that I choose? To loosen the fetters of wickedness,+ to release the bands of the yoke bar,+ and to send away the crushed ones free,+ and that YOU people should tear in two every yoke bar?+  Is it not the dividing of your bread out to the hungry one,+ and that you should bring the afflicted, homeless people into [your] house?+ That, in case you should see someone naked, you must cover him,+ and that you should not hide yourself from your own flesh?+  “In that case your light would break forth just like the dawn;+ and speedily would recuperation spring up for you.+ And before you your righteousness would certainly walk;+ the very glory of Jehovah would be your rear guard.+  In that case you would call, and Jehovah himself would answer; you would cry for help,+ and he would say, ‘Here I am!’ “If you will remove from your midst the yoke bar,+ the poking out of the finger+ and the speaking of what is hurtful;+ 10  and you will grant to the hungry one your own soul[ful desire],+ and you will satisfy the soul that is being afflicted, your light also will certainly flash up even in the darkness, and your gloom will be like midday.+ 11  And Jehovah will be bound to lead+ you constantly+ and to satisfy your soul even in a scorched land,+ and he will invigorate your very bones;+ and you must become like a well-watered garden,+ and like the source of water, the waters of which do not lie. 12  And at your instance men will* certainly build up the places devastated a long time;*+ you will raise up even the foundations of continuous generations.+ And you will actually be called the repairer of [the] gap,+ the restorer of roadways by which to dwell.* 13  “If in view of the sabbath you will turn back your foot as regards doing your own delights on my holy day,+ and will actually call the sabbath an exquisite delight, a holy [day] of Jehovah, one being glorified,+ and will actually glorify it rather than doing your own ways, rather than finding what delights you and speaking a word; 14  you will in that case find your exquisite delight in Jehovah,+ and I will make you ride upon the high places of the earth;+ and I will cause you to eat from the hereditary possession of Jacob your forefather,+ for the mouth of Jehovah itself has spoken [it].”+


Or, “shofar.”
“God.” Heb., ʼElo·himʹ.
“And your sons will,” by a correction.
Or, “devastated for time indefinite.”
Or, “roadways to [one’s] dwelling,” that is, homeward.