1 Chronicles 8:1-40

8  As for Benjamin,+ he became father to Beʹla+ his firstborn, Ashʹbel+ the second and A·harʹah+ the third,  Noʹhah+ the fourth and Raʹpha the fifth.  And Beʹla came to have sons, Adʹdar and Geʹra+ and A·biʹhud,  and Ab·i·shuʹa and Naʹa·man and A·hoʹah,  and Geʹra and She·phuʹphan+ and Huʹram.+  And these were the sons of Eʹhud. These were the heads of [the houses of] forefathers belonging to the inhabitants of Geʹba,+ and they proceeded to take them into exile at Manʹa·hath.  And Naʹa·man and A·hiʹjah; and Geʹra—he was the one that took them into exile, and he became father to Uzʹza and A·hiʹhud.  As for Sha·ha·raʹim, he became father to [children] in the field+ of Moʹab after he sent them away. Huʹshim and Baʹa·ra were his wives.  And by Hoʹdesh his wife he came to be father to Joʹbab and Zibʹi·a and Meʹsha and Malʹcam, 10  and Jeʹuz and Sa·chiʹa and Mirʹmah. These were his sons, heads of [the houses of] forefathers. 11  And by Huʹshim he became father to A·biʹtub and El·paʹal. 12  And the sons of El·paʹal were Eʹber and Miʹsham and Sheʹmed, who built Oʹno+ and Lod+ and its dependent towns, 13  and Be·riʹah and Sheʹma. These were heads of [the houses of] forefathers, belonging to the inhabitants of Aiʹja·lon.+ These were the ones that chased away the inhabitants of Gath. 14  And [there were] A·hiʹo,* Shaʹshak and Jerʹe·moth, 15  and Zeb·a·diʹah and Aʹrad and Eʹder, 16  and Miʹcha·el and Ishʹpah and Joʹha, the sons of Be·riʹah,+ 17  and Zeb·a·diʹah and Me·shulʹlam and Hizʹki and Heʹber, 18  and Ishʹme·rai and Iz·liʹah and Joʹbab, the sons of El·paʹal, 19  and Jaʹkim and Zichʹri and Zabʹdi, 20  and E·li·eʹnai and Zilʹle·thai and Eʹli·el, 21  and A·daiʹah and Be·raʹiah and Shimʹrath, the sons of Shimʹe·i,+ 22  and Ishʹpan and Eʹber and Eʹli·el, 23  and Abʹdon and Zichʹri and Haʹnan, 24  and Han·a·niʹah and Eʹlam and An·tho·thiʹjah, 25  and Iph·deʹiah and Pe·nuʹel, the sons of Shaʹshak, 26  and Shamʹshe·rai and She·ha·riʹah and Ath·a·liʹah, 27  and Ja·a·re·shiʹah and E·liʹjah and Zichʹri, the sons of Je·roʹham. 28  These were heads of [the houses of] forefathers by their descendants, headmen. These were the ones that dwelt in Jerusalem.+ 29  And it was in Gibʹe·on+ that the father of Gibʹe·on, [Je·iʹel,]* dwelt, and his wife’s name was Maʹa·cah.+ 30  And his son, the firstborn, was Abʹdon, and Zur and Kish and Baʹal and Naʹdab,+ 31  and Geʹdor and A·hiʹo and Zeʹcher.+ 32  As for Mikʹloth, he became father to Shimʹe·ah.+ And these really were the ones that dwelt in front of their brothers in Jerusalem along with brothers of theirs. 33  As for Ner,+ he became father to Kish;+ Kish, in turn, became father to Saul;+ Saul, in turn, became father to Jonʹa·than*+ and Malʹchi-shuʹa+ and A·binʹa·dab+ and Esh·baʹal.+ 34  And Jonʹa·than’s son was Merʹib-baʹal.+ As for Merʹib-baʹal, he became father to Miʹcah.+ 35  And the sons of Miʹcah were Piʹthon and Melʹech and Ta·reʹa+ and Aʹhaz. 36  As for Aʹhaz, he became father to Je·hoʹad·dah; Je·hoʹad·dah, in turn, became father to Alʹe·meth and Azʹma·veth and Zimʹri. Zimʹri, in turn, became father to Moʹza; 37  Moʹza, in turn, became father to Binʹe·a, Raʹphah+ his son, El·e·aʹsah his son, Aʹzel his son. 38  And Aʹzel had six sons, and these were their names: Az·riʹkam, Boʹche·ru and Ishʹma·el and She·a·riʹah and O·ba·diʹah and Haʹnan. All these were the sons of Aʹzel. 39  And the sons of Eʹshek his brother were Uʹlam his firstborn, Jeʹush the second and E·liphʹe·let the third. 40  And the sons of Uʹlam came to be valiant,+ mighty men, bending the bow,+ and having many sons+ and grandsons, a hundred and fifty. All these were from the sons of Benjamin.


“And [there were] Ahio,” M; LXXA,L, “And their brothers were.”
“The father of Gibeon, Jeiel,” LXXL and 9:35.
“Jonathan.” Heb., Yehoh·na·thanʹ.