1 Chronicles 16:1-43

16  Thus they brought the ark of the [true] God in+ and placed it inside the tent that David had pitched for it;+ and they began to present burnt offerings and communion sacrifices before the [true] God.*+  When David finished offering up the burnt offering+ and the communion sacrifices,+ he went on to bless+ the people in the name of Jehovah.+  Further, he apportioned+ to all the Israelites, man as well as woman, to each one a round loaf of bread and a date cake and a raisin cake.  Then he put before the ark of Jehovah some of the Levites+ as ministers,*+ both to call to remembrance+ and to thank+ and praise+ Jehovah the God of Israel,  Aʹsaph+ the head, and second to him Zech·a·riʹah, [and] Je·iʹel and She·mirʹa·moth and Je·hiʹel and Mat·ti·thiʹah and E·liʹab and Be·naiʹah and Oʹbed-eʹdom and Je·iʹel,+ with instruments of the string type and with harps,+ and Aʹsaph+ with the cymbals playing aloud,+  and Be·naiʹah and Ja·ha·ziʹel the priests with the trumpets+ constantly before the ark of the covenant of the [true] God.  It was then on that day that David made a contribution+ for the first time to thank+ Jehovah by means of Aʹsaph+ and his brothers:   “Give thanks to Jehovah,+ YOU people; call upon his name,+Make his deeds known among the peoples!+   Sing+ to him, make melody to him,+Concern yourselves with all his wonderful acts.+ 10  Make YOUR boast in his holy+ name,+Let the heart of those seeking Jehovah rejoice.+ 11  Search after Jehovah and his strength,+Seek his face constantly.+ 12  Remember his wonderful acts that he has performed,+His miracles* and the judicial decisions of his mouth,+ 13  O offspring* of Israel his servant,+YOU sons of Jacob, his chosen ones.+ 14  He is Jehovah our God;+ in all the earth are his judicial decisions.+ 15  Remember his covenant even to time indefinite,+The word that he commanded, to a thousand generations,+ 16  Which [covenant] he concluded with Abraham,+And his sworn statement to Isaac.+ 17  And which [statement] he kept standing as a regulation even to Jacob,+As an indefinitely lasting covenant even to Israel,+ 18  Saying, ‘To you I shall give the land of Caʹnaan,+As the allotment of YOUR inheritance.’+ 19  [This was] when YOU happened to be few in number,+Yes, very few, and alien residents in it.+ 20  And they kept walking about from nation to nation,+And from one kingdom to another people.+ 21  He did not allow anyone to defraud them,+But on their account he reproved kings,+ 22  [Saying,] ‘Do not YOU men touch my anointed ones,*And to my prophets do nothing bad.’+ 23  Sing to Jehovah, all YOU of the earth!+Announce from day to day the salvation he gives!+ 24  Relate among the nations his glory,Among all the peoples his wonderful acts. 25  For Jehovah is great and very much to be praised,+And he is to be feared more than all [other] gods.*+ 26  For all the gods of the peoples are valueless gods.*+As for Jehovah, he made the heavens.+ 27  Dignity and splendor are before him,+Strength and joy are at his place.+ 28  Attribute to Jehovah, O families of peoples,Attribute to Jehovah glory and strength.+ 29  Attribute to Jehovah the glory of his name,+Carry a gift and come in before him.+Bow down to Jehovah in holy adornment.+ 30  Be in severe pains on account of him, all [YOU people of] the earth!Also the productive land* is firmly established:Never will it be made to totter.+ 31  Let the heavens rejoice, and let the earth be joyful,+And let them say among the nations, ‘Jehovah himself has become king!’+ 32  Let the sea thunder and also that which fills it,+Let the field exult and all that is in it.+ 33  At the same time let the trees of the forest break out joyfully on account of Jehovah,+For he has come to judge the earth.+ 34  Give thanks to Jehovah, YOU people, for he is good,+For to time indefinite is his loving-kindness.*+ 35  And say, ‘Save us, O God of our salvation,+And collect us together and deliver us from the nations,+To give thanks to your holy name,+ to speak exultingly in your praise.+ 36  Blessed be Jehovah the God of Israel from time indefinite to time indefinite.’”+ And all the people proceeded to say, “Amen!” and a praise to Jehovah.*+ 37  Then he left there before the ark of the covenant of Jehovah Aʹsaph+ and his brothers to minister+ before the Ark constantly, according to the requirement of each day;+ 38  and Oʹbed-eʹdom and his brothers, sixty-eight, and Oʹbed-eʹdom the son of Je·duʹthun and Hoʹsah as gatekeepers; 39  and Zaʹdok+ the priest and his brothers the priests before the tabernacle of Jehovah on the high place that was at Gibʹe·on,+ 40  to offer up burnt offerings to Jehovah on the altar of burnt offering constantly morning and evening and for all that is written in the law of Jehovah that he laid in command upon Israel;+ 41  and with them Heʹman+ and Je·duʹthun and the rest of the select men that were designated+ by names to thank Jehovah,+ because “to time indefinite is his loving-kindness”;+ 42  and with them Heʹman+ and Je·duʹthun,+ to sound forth the trumpets+ and cymbals and instruments of the song of the [true] God; and the sons+ of Je·duʹthun at the gate. 43  And all the people proceeded to go each one to his own house.+ Accordingly David went around to bless his own house.


“The [true] God.” Heb., ha·ʼElo·himʹ; Gr., The·ouʹ; Sy, “the ark of Jehovah.”
“As ministers (attendants).” Heb., meshor·thimʹ. Compare 6:32 ftn.
Or, “wonders”; or, “tokens.”
Lit., “seed.”
“My anointed ones.” Heb., bim·shi·chaiʹ; Gr., khri·stonʹ; Syr., lam·shi·chai; Lat., chriʹstos.
“Gods.” Heb., ʼelo·himʹ.
Or, “worthless gods.” Heb., ʼeli·limʹ; LXXVg, “idols”; Sy, “images.”
“Productive land.” Heb., te·velʹ; Gr., ge; Lat., orʹbem, “circle,” that is, of the earth.
Or, “loyal love.”
Or, “And let all the people say, ‘Amen!’ and they must praise Jehovah.” Vg, “And let all the people say, ‘Amen!’ and a hymn to Jehovah.”