1 Chronicles 24:1-31

24  Now the sons of Aaron had their divisions. The sons of Aaron were Naʹdab+ and A·biʹhu,+ El·e·aʹzar+ and Ithʹa·mar.+  However, Naʹdab and A·biʹhu+ died before their father,+ and they did not happen to have any sons, but El·e·aʹzar+ and Ithʹa·mar continued to act as priests.  And David, and Zaʹdok+ from the sons of El·e·aʹzar, and A·himʹe·lech+ from the sons of Ithʹa·mar proceeded to make divisions of them for their office in their service.+  But the sons of El·e·aʹzar were found to be more numerous in headmen than the sons of Ithʹa·mar. So they distributed them to the sons of El·e·aʹzar, as heads for [their]* paternal houses, sixteen, and to the sons of Ithʹa·mar, [as heads] for their paternal houses, eight.  Further, they distributed them by lots,+ these along with those, for there had to be chiefs of the holy place+ and chiefs of the [true] God from the sons of El·e·aʹzar and from the sons of Ithʹa·mar.  Then She·maiʹah the son of Ne·thanʹel the secretary+ of the Levites wrote them down before the king and the princes and Zaʹdok+ the priest and A·himʹe·lech+ the son of A·biʹa·thar+ and the heads of the fathers of the priests and of the Levites,+ one paternal house being picked out for El·e·aʹzar+ and one being picked out for Ithʹa·mar.*+  And the lot proceeded to come out: the first for Je·hoiʹa·rib;+ for Je·daʹiah the second,  for Haʹrim the third, for Se·oʹrim the fourth,  for Mal·chiʹjah the fifth, for Mijʹa·min the sixth, 10  for Hakʹkoz the seventh, for A·biʹjah+ the eighth, 11  for Jeshʹu·a the ninth, for Shec·a·niʹah the tenth, 12  for E·liʹa·shib the eleventh, for Jaʹkim the twelfth, 13  for Hupʹpah the thirteenth, for Je·shebʹe·ab the fourteenth, 14  for Bilʹgah the fifteenth, for Imʹmer the sixteenth, 15  for Heʹzir the seventeenth, for Hapʹpiz·zez the eighteenth, 16  for Peth·a·hiʹah the nineteenth, for Je·hezʹkel the twentieth, 17  for Jaʹchin the twenty-first, for Gaʹmul the twenty-second, 18  for De·laʹiah the twenty-third, for Ma·a·ziʹah the twenty-fourth. 19  These were their offices+ for their service,+ to come into the house of Jehovah according to their due right+ by the hand of Aaron their forefather, just as Jehovah the God of Israel had commanded him. 20  And of the sons of Leʹvi that were left over, of the sons of Amʹram+ there was Shuʹba·el;+ of the sons of Shuʹba·el, Jeh·deʹiah; 21  of Re·ha·biʹah:+ of the sons of Re·ha·biʹah, Is·shiʹah the head; 22  of the Izʹhar·ites,+ She·loʹmoth;+ of the sons of She·loʹmoth, Jaʹhath; 23  and the sons [of Heʹbron],+ Je·riʹah+ the head,* Am·a·riʹah the second, Ja·ha·ziʹel the third, Jek·a·meʹam the fourth. 24  The sons of Uzʹzi·el, Miʹcah; of the sons of Miʹcah,+ Shaʹmir. 25  The brother of Miʹcah was Is·shiʹah; of the sons of Is·shiʹah, Zech·a·riʹah. 26  The sons of Me·rarʹi+ were Mahʹli+ and Muʹshi;+ the sons of Ja·a·ziʹah,* Beʹno. 27  The sons of Me·rarʹi: Of Ja·a·ziʹah, Beʹno and Shoʹham and Zacʹcur and Ibʹri. 28  Of Mahʹli, El·e·aʹzar, who did not come to have any sons.+ 29  Of Kish: the sons of Kish were Je·rahʹme·el. 30  And the sons of Muʹshi were Mahʹli+ and Eʹder and Jerʹi·moth.+ These were the sons of the Levites by their paternal+ houses. 31  And they themselves also proceeded to cast lots+ exactly as their brothers the sons of Aaron did before David the king and Zaʹdok and A·himʹe·lech and the heads of the paternal houses of the priests and of the Levites. As respects paternal houses,+ the head one was exactly as his younger brother.


“Their,” Sy and five Heb. mss.
“A paternal house one by one for Eleazar and one by one for Ithamar,” LXX.
“The sons of Hebron, Jeriah the head,” LXXL and 23:19.
“Jaaziah,” M; LXX, “Uzziah.”