1 Chronicles 29:1-30

29  David the king now said to all the congregation:+ “Solʹo·mon my son, the one [whom] God has chosen,+ is young+ and delicate, but the work is great; for the castle* is not for man,+ but for Jehovah God.  And according to all my power+ I have prepared+ for the house of my God the gold+ for the goldwork, and the silver for the silverwork, and the copper for the copperwork, the iron+ for the ironwork, and the timbers+ for the timberwork; onyx+ stones, and stones to be set with hard mortar, and mosaic pebbles, and every precious stone, and alabaster stones in great quantity.  And since I am taking pleasure+ in the house of my God, there is yet a special property of mine,+ gold and silver; I do give it to the house of my God over and above all that I have prepared for the holy house:+  three thousand talents of gold of the gold of Oʹphir,+ and seven thousand talents of refined silver, for coating the walls of the houses;  of the gold for the goldwork, and of the silver for the silverwork and for all the work by the hand of the craftsmen. And who is there volunteering to fill his hand today [with a gift] for Jehovah?”+  And the princes+ of the paternal+ houses* and the princes+ of the tribes of Israel and the chiefs of thousands+ and of hundreds+ and the chiefs of the business+ of the king proceeded to volunteer.  Accordingly they gave to the service of the house of the [true] God gold worth five thousand talents* and ten thousand darics* and silver worth ten thousand talents and copper worth eighteen thousand talents and iron worth a hundred thousand talents.+  And what stones were found with any persons they gave to the treasure of the house of Jehovah under the control of Je·hiʹel+ the Gerʹshon·ite.+  And the people gave way to rejoicing over their making voluntary offerings, for it was with a complete heart that they made voluntary offerings to Jehovah;+ and even David the king himself rejoiced with great joy.+ 10  Consequently David blessed+ Jehovah before the eyes of all the congregation+ and David said: “Blessed may you be,+ O Jehovah the God of Israel+ our father, from time indefinite even to time indefinite. 11  Yours, O Jehovah, are the greatness+ and the mightiness+ and the beauty+ and the excellency+ and the dignity;+ for everything in the heavens and in the earth is [yours].+ Yours is the kingdom,+ O Jehovah, the One also lifting yourself up as head over all.+ 12  The riches+ and the glory+ are on account of you, and you are dominating*+ everything; and in your hand there are power+ and mightiness,+ and in your hand is [ability] to make great+ and to give strength to all.+ 13  And now, O our God, we are thanking you+ and praising+ your beauteous+ name. 14  “And yet, who am I+ and who are my people, that we should retain power to make voluntary offerings like this?+ For everything is from you,+ and out of your own hand we have given to you. 15  For we are alien residents before you and settlers+ the same as all our forefathers. Like a shadow our days are upon the earth+ and there is no hope. 16  O Jehovah our God, all this abundance that we have prepared to build for you a house for your holy name, from your hand it is, and to you it all belongs.+ 17  And I well know, O my God, that you are an examiner of the heart,+ and that it is in rectitude that you take pleasure.+ I, for my part, in the uprightness of my heart have voluntarily offered all these things, and now your people who are on hand here I have enjoyed seeing make offerings voluntarily to you. 18  O Jehovah the God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel our forefathers,+ do keep this to time indefinite as the inclination of the thoughts of the heart of your people,+ and direct their heart to you.+ 19  And to Solʹo·mon my son give a complete heart+ to keep your commandments,+ your testimonies*+ and your regulations,+ and to do everything, and to build the castle+ for which I have made preparation.”+ 20  And David went on to say to all the congregation:+ “Bless,+ now, Jehovah YOUR God.” And all the congregation proceeded to bless Jehovah the God of their forefathers and bow low+ and prostrate+ themselves to Jehovah and to the king. 21  And they continued to sacrifice+ sacrifices to Jehovah and offer up burnt offerings+ to Jehovah on the day following that day, a thousand young bulls, a thousand rams, a thousand male lambs and their drink offerings,+ even sacrifices in great number for all Israel.+ 22  And they continued eating and drinking before Jehovah on that day with great rejoicing;+ and they proceeded a second time to make Solʹo·mon the son of David king+ and to anoint him to Jehovah as leader+ and also Zaʹdok+ as priest. 23  And Solʹo·mon began to sit upon Jehovah’s throne+ as king in place of David his father and to make a success of it,+ and all the Israelites were obedient to him. 24  As for all the princes+ and the mighty men+ and also all the sons of King David,+ they submitted themselves to Solʹo·mon the king.* 25  And Jehovah continued to make Solʹo·mon surpassingly great+ before the eyes of all Israel and to put upon him such royal dignity as had not come to be upon any king before him over Israel.+ 26  As for David the son of Jesʹse, he reigned over all Israel;+ 27  and the days that he reigned over Israel were forty years.+ In Heʹbron he reigned for seven years,+ and in Jerusalem he reigned for thirty-three [years].+ 28  And gradually he died in a good old age,+ satisfied with days, riches+ and glory;+ and Solʹo·mon his son began to reign in place of him.+ 29  As for the affairs of David the king, the first ones and the last, there they are written among the words of Samuel the seer*+ and among the words of Nathan+ the prophet and among the words of Gad+ the visionary,* 30  together with all his kingship and his mightiness and the times+ that had passed over him and over Israel and over all the kingdoms of the lands.+


Or, “the temple.” Heb., hab·bi·rahʹ.
Lit., “of the fathers.”
About $1,926,750,000, with gold at $350 (U.S.) per oz t. See App 8A.
A Persian gold coin. See App 8A.
“Dominating.” Heb., moh·shelʹ. See Ps 103:22 where a form of the related noun mem·sha·lahʹ occurs, meaning “domination,” or, “sovereignty.”
Or, “reminders.”
Lit., “they gave (put) hand under Solomon the king.” Compare Ge 24:2; Ge 47:29.
“The seer.” Heb., ha·ro·ʼehʹ.
“The visionary.” Heb., ha·cho·zehʹ, that is, one seeing a vision from God, regarding concealed or future matters.