1 Chronicles 3:1-24

3  And these became the sons of David+ that were born to him in Heʹbron:+ the firstborn Amʹnon,+ of A·hinʹo·am+ the Jezʹre·el·i·tess,+ the second, Daniel, of Abʹi·gail+ the Carʹmel·it·ess,+  the third, Abʹsa·lom+ the son of Maʹa·cah+ the daughter of Talʹmai+ the king of Geshʹur,+ the fourth, Ad·o·niʹjah+ the son of Hagʹgith,+  the fifth, Sheph·a·tiʹah, of A·biʹtal,+ the sixth, Ithʹre·am, of Egʹlah+ his wife.  There were six born to him in Heʹbron; and he continued to reign there seven years and six months, and for thirty-three years he reigned in Jerusalem.+  And there were these born to him in Jerusalem:+ Shimʹe·a+ and Shoʹbab+ and Nathan+ and Solʹo·mon,+ four of Bath-sheʹba*+ the daughter of Amʹmi·el,+  and Ibʹhar+ and E·lishʹa·ma*+ and E·liphʹe·let,+  and Noʹgah and Neʹpheg and Ja·phiʹa,+  and E·lishʹa·ma+ and E·liʹa·da and E·liphʹe·let,+ nine,  all the sons of David besides the sons of the concubines, and Taʹmar+ their sister. 10  And the son of Solʹo·mon was Re·ho·boʹam,+ A·biʹjah+ his son, Aʹsa+ his son, Je·hoshʹa·phat+ his son, 11  Je·hoʹram* his son,+ A·ha·ziʹah+ his son, Je·hoʹash*+ his son, 12  Am·a·ziʹah+ his son, Az·a·riʹah+ his son, Joʹtham+ his son, 13  Aʹhaz+ his son, Hez·e·kiʹah+ his son, Ma·nasʹseh+ his son, 14  Aʹmon+ his son, Jo·siʹah+ his son. 15  And the sons of Jo·siʹah were the firstborn Jo·haʹnan,* the second, Je·hoiʹa·kim,+ the third, Zed·e·kiʹah,+ the fourth, Shalʹlum. 16  And the sons of Je·hoiʹa·kim were Jec·o·niʹah+ his son, Zed·e·kiʹah his son. 17  And the sons of Jec·o·niʹah as prisoner were She·alʹti·el+ his son 18  and Mal·chiʹram and Pe·daiʹah and She·nazʹzar, Jek·a·miʹah, Hoshʹa·ma and Ned·a·biʹah. 19  And the sons of Pe·daiʹah were Ze·rubʹba·bel+ and Shimʹe·i; and the sons of Ze·rubʹba·bel were Me·shulʹlam and Han·a·niʹah (and She·loʹmith was their sister); 20  and Ha·shuʹbah and Oʹhel and Ber·e·chiʹah and Has·a·diʹah, Juʹshab-heʹsed, five. 21  And the sons of Han·a·niʹah were Pel·a·tiʹah+ and Je·shaʹiah, the sons of [Je·shaʹiah] Re·phaʹiah, the sons of [Re·phaʹiah] Arʹnan, the sons of [Arʹnan] O·ba·diʹah, the sons of [O·ba·diʹah] Shec·a·niʹah; 22  and the sons of Shec·a·niʹah, She·maiʹah, and the sons of She·maiʹah, Hatʹtush and Iʹgal and Ba·riʹah and Ne·a·riʹah and Shaʹphat, six. 23  And the sons of Ne·a·riʹah were Eli·o·eʹnai and Hiz·kiʹah and Az·riʹkam, three. 24  And the sons of Eli·o·eʹnai were Hod·a·viʹah and E·liʹa·shib and Pe·laʹiah and Akʹkub and Jo·haʹnan and De·laʹiah and A·naʹni, seven.


“Bath-sheba,” Vg; M, “Bath-shua.”
“Elishama,” MLXXSyVg; two Heb. mss, 14:5 and 2Sa 5:15, “Elishua.”
“Jehoram,” as in 2Ki 1:17. Lit., “Joram.”
“Jehoash,” as in 2Ki 11:21. Lit., “Joash.”
“Johanan,” MLXXSyVg; LXXL, “Joahaz.”