1 Chronicles 1:1-54

1  Adam,+Seth,+Eʹnosh,+   Keʹnan,+Ma·halʹa·lel,+Jaʹred,+   Eʹnoch,+Me·thuʹse·lah,+Laʹmech,+   Noah,+Shem,+ Ham+ and Jaʹpheth.+  The sons of Jaʹpheth were Goʹmer and Maʹgog+ and Maʹda·i+ and Jaʹvan+ and Tuʹbal and Meʹshech+ and Tiʹras.+  And the sons of Goʹmer were Ashʹke·naz+ and Riʹphath*+ and To·garʹmah.+  And the sons of Jaʹvan were E·liʹshah+ and Tarʹshish,*+ Kitʹtim+ and Roʹda·nim.*+  The sons of Ham were Cush+ and Mizʹra·im,+ Put+ and Caʹnaan.+  And the sons of Cush were Seʹba+ and Havʹi·lah and Sabʹtah+ and Raʹa·mah+ and Sabʹte·ca.+ And the sons of Raʹa·mah were Sheʹba and Deʹdan.+ 10  And Cush himself became father to Nimʹrod.+ He it was that made the start in becoming a mighty one in the earth.+ 11  As for Mizʹra·im, he became father to Luʹdim+ and Anʹa·mim and Le·haʹbim and Naph·tuʹhim+ 12  and Path·ruʹsim+ and Cas·luʹhim+ (from among whom the Phi·lisʹtines+ went forth) and Caphʹto·rim.+ 13  As for Caʹnaan, he became father to Siʹdon+ his firstborn and Heth+ 14  and the Jebʹu·site+ and the Amʹor·ite+ and the Girʹga·shite+ 15  and the Hiʹvite+ and the Arkʹite and the Siʹnite+ 16  and the Arʹvad·ite+ and the Zemʹa·rite+ and the Haʹmath·ite.+ 17  The sons of Shem+ were Eʹlam+ and Asʹshur+ and Ar·pachʹshad+ and Lud+ and Aʹram, And Uz* and Hul and Geʹther and Mash.*+ 18  As for Ar·pachʹshad, he became father to Sheʹlah,+ and Sheʹlah himself became father to Eʹber.+ 19  And to Eʹber two sons were born. The name of the one was Peʹleg,*+ because in his days the earth* was divided; and the name of his brother was Jokʹtan. 20  As for Jokʹtan, he became father to Al·moʹdad and Sheʹleph and Ha·zar·maʹveth and Jeʹrah+ 21  and Ha·doʹram and Uʹzal and Dikʹlah+ 22  and Oʹbal* and A·bimʹa·el and Sheʹba+ 23  and Oʹphir+ and Havʹi·lah+ and Joʹbab;+ all these were the sons of Jokʹtan. 24  Shem,+Ar·pachʹshad,+Sheʹlah,+ 25  Eʹber,+Peʹleg,+Reʹu,+ 26  Seʹrug,+Naʹhor,+Teʹrah,+ 27  Aʹbram,+ that is to say, Abraham.+ 28  The sons of Abraham were Isaac+ and Ishʹma·el.+ 29  These are their family origins: Ishʹma·el’s firstborn Ne·baʹioth+ and Keʹdar+ and Adʹbe·el and Mibʹsam,+ 30  Mishʹma and Duʹmah,+ Masʹsa, Haʹdad+ and Teʹma, 31  Jeʹtur, Naʹphish and Kedʹe·mah.+ These were the sons of Ishʹma·el. 32  As for the sons of Ke·tuʹrah,+ Abraham’s concubine,+ she gave birth to Zimʹran and Jokʹshan and Meʹdan+ and Midʹi·an+ and Ishʹbak+ and Shuʹah.+ And the sons of Jokʹshan were Sheʹba and Deʹdan.+ 33  And the sons of Midʹi·an were Eʹphah+ and Eʹpher and Haʹnoch and A·biʹda and El·daʹah.+ All these were the sons of Ke·tuʹrah. 34  And Abraham came to be father to Isaac.+ The sons of Isaac were Eʹsau+ and Israel.+ 35  The sons of Eʹsau were Elʹi·phaz, Reuʹel+ and Jeʹush and Jaʹlam and Koʹrah.+ 36  The sons of Elʹi·phaz were Teʹman+ and Oʹmar, Zeʹpho* and Gaʹtam, Keʹnaz+ and Timʹna+ and Amʹa·lek.+ 37  The sons of Reuʹel were Naʹhath, Zeʹrah, Shamʹmah and Mizʹzah.+ 38  And the sons of Seʹir+ were Loʹtan and Shoʹbal and Zibʹe·on and Aʹnah+ and Diʹshon and Eʹzer and Diʹshan.+ 39  And the sons of Loʹtan were Hoʹri and Hoʹmam.* And Loʹtan’s sister was Timʹna.+ 40  The sons of Shoʹbal were Alʹvan* and Manʹa·hath and Eʹbal, Sheʹpho* and Oʹnam.+ And the sons of Zibʹe·on were Aʹiah and Aʹnah.+ 41  The sons of Aʹnah were Diʹshon.+ And the sons of Diʹshon were Hemʹdan* and Eshʹban and Ithʹran and Cheʹran.+ 42  The sons of Eʹzer+ were Bilʹhan and Zaʹa·van and Aʹkan.*+ The sons of Diʹshan* were Uz and Aʹran.+ 43  And these are the kings that reigned in the land of Eʹdom+ before any king+ reigned over the sons of Israel: Beʹla the son of Beʹor, the name of whose city was Dinʹha·bah.+ 44  Eventually Beʹla died, and Joʹbab the son of Zeʹrah+ from Bozʹrah+ began to reign in place of him. 45  Eventually Joʹbab died, and Huʹsham+ from the land of the Teʹman·ites+ began to reign in place of him. 46  Eventually Huʹsham died, and Haʹdad+ the son of Beʹdad, who defeated Midʹi·an+ in the field of Moʹab, began to reign in place of him. And the name of his city was Aʹvith.+ 47  Eventually Haʹdad died, and Samʹlah from Mas·reʹkah+ began to reign in place of him. 48  Eventually Samʹlah died, and Shaʹul from Re·hoʹboth+ by the River began to reign in place of him. 49  Eventually Shaʹul died, and Baʹal-haʹnan the son of Achʹbor+ began to reign in place of him. 50  Eventually Baʹal-haʹnan died, and Haʹdad* began to reign in place of him; and the name of his city was Paʹu,* and the name of his wife was Me·hetʹa·bel, the daughter of Maʹtred, the daughter of Meʹza·hab.+ 51  Eventually Haʹdad died. And the sheiks of Eʹdom came to be sheik Timʹna, sheik Alʹvah,* sheik Jeʹtheth,+ 52  sheik O·hol·i·baʹmah, sheik Eʹlah, sheik Piʹnon,+ 53  sheik Keʹnaz, sheik Teʹman, sheik Mibʹzar,+ 54  sheik Magʹdi·el, sheik Iʹram.+ These were the sheiks+ of Eʹdom.


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Meaning “Division; Stream.”
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