1 Chronicles 18:1-17

18  And it came about afterward that David proceeded to strike down the Phi·lisʹtines+ and subdue them and take Gath+ and its dependent towns* out of the hand of the Phi·lisʹtines.  Then he struck Moʹab+ down, and the Moʹab·ites came to be David’s servants bearing tribute.*+  And David went on to strike down Had·ad·eʹzer+ the king of Zoʹbah+ at Haʹmath+ as he was going his way to set up his control* at the river Eu·phraʹtes.+  Further, David captured from him a thousand chariots and seven thousand horsemen and twenty thousand men on foot.+ Then David hamstrung+ all the chariot horses,+ but he let a hundred chariot horses* of them remain.  When Syria* of Damascus came to help Had·ad·eʹzer the king of Zoʹbah,+ David went striking down among the Syrians twenty-two thousand men.  After that David put [garrisons]* in Syria of Damascus,+ and the Syrians came to be David’s servants bearing tribute.+ And Jehovah kept giving salvation to David wherever he went.+  Moreover, David took the circular shields+ of gold that happened to be on the servants of Had·ad·eʹzer and brought them to Jerusalem.+  And from Tibʹhath+ and Cun, cities of Had·ad·eʹzer, David took very much copper. With it Solʹo·mon made the copper sea+ and the pillars+ and the copper utensils.+  When Toʹu* the king of Haʹmath+ heard that David had struck down all the military force of Had·ad·eʹzer+ the king of Zoʹbah, 10  he immediately sent Ha·doʹram+ his son to King David to ask him about his welfare and congratulate* him over the fact that he had fought against Had·ad·eʹzer so that he struck him down, (for Had·ad·eʹzer had become trained in warfare against Toʹu,*) and [there were with him] all sorts of articles of gold and silver+ and copper. 11  These also King David sanctified+ to Jehovah together with the silver and the gold that he had carried off from all the nations,+ from Eʹdom and from Moʹab+ and from the sons of Amʹmon+ and from the Phi·lisʹtines+ and from Amʹa·lek.+ 12  As for A·bishʹai+ the son of Ze·ruʹiah,+ he struck down the Eʹdom·ites in the Valley of Salt,+ eighteen thousand. 13  So he put garrisons in Eʹdom, and all the Eʹdom·ites came to be David’s servants.+ And Jehovah kept saving David wherever he went.+ 14  And David continued to reign over all Israel,+ and he was continually rendering judicial decision and righteousness for all his people.+ 15  And Joʹab the son of Ze·ruʹiah was over the army,+ and Je·hoshʹa·phat+ the son of A·hiʹlud was recorder.* 16  And Zaʹdok+ the son of A·hiʹtub and A·himʹe·lech*+ the son of A·biʹa·thar were priests, and Shavʹsha+ was secretary. 17  And Be·naiʹah+ the son of Je·hoiʹa·da+ was over the Cherʹe·thites+ and the Pelʹe·thites;+ and the sons of David were the first in position at the side of the king.+


Lit., “and her daughters.”
Lit., “gift.”
Lit., “his hand.”
Possibly, “teams.”
Or, “the Syrians.”
“Put garrisons,” TLXXVg, one Heb. ms and 2Sa 8:6.
“Tou,” MVg; in 2Sa 8:9, 10, “Toi.”
Lit., “bless.”
Lit., “become a man of wars of Tou.”
Lit., “remembrancer.”
“Ahimelech,” LXXSyVg, 12 Heb. mss and 2Sa 8:17; MLXXא, “Abimelech.”