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Rebekah Wanted to Make Jehovah Happy

Rebekah Wanted to Make Jehovah Happy

Rebekah was a woman who loved Jehovah. Her husband’s name was Isaac. He also loved Jehovah. How did Rebekah meet Isaac? How did she show that she wanted to make Jehovah happy? Let’s learn more about her.

Isaac’s parents were Abraham and Sarah. They lived in the land of Canaan, where the people did not worship Jehovah. But Abraham wanted his son to marry a woman who worshipped Jehovah. So he sent his servant, probably Eliezer, to find a wife for Isaac in a place named Haran, where some of Abraham’s relatives lived.

Rebekah was willing to work hard to get water for the camels

Eliezer traveled with other servants of Abraham. It was a very long journey. They brought with them ten camels carrying food and gifts. How would Eliezer know which woman to choose for Isaac? When Eliezer and the other servants arrived at Haran, they stopped at a well because Eliezer knew that people would soon come to get water. He prayed to Jehovah and said: ‘If I ask a young woman to give me water and she gives me and my camels water, I will know that this is the woman you have chosen.’

Then young Rebekah came to the well. The Bible says that she was very pretty. Eliezer asked her for a drink of water, and she said: ‘Of course. I will give you the water, and I will go get some for your camels too.’ Just think! Thirsty camels drink a lot of water, so Rebekah had to run to the well again and again. Do you see in the picture how hard she is working?— Eliezer was amazed at how Jehovah answered his prayer.

Eliezer gave Rebekah many beautiful gifts. She invited Eliezer and the other servants to her family’s house. Eliezer explained why Abraham had sent him there and how Jehovah had answered his prayer. Rebekah’s family was happy to let her marry Isaac.

Rebekah went to Canaan with Eliezer and married Isaac

But do you think Rebekah wanted to marry Isaac?— Rebekah knew that Jehovah had sent Eliezer there. So when Rebekah’s family asked her if she wanted to go to Canaan and marry Isaac, she said: ‘Yes, I want to go.’ Right away, she left with Eliezer. When they arrived in Canaan, she married Isaac.

Because Rebekah did what Jehovah wanted her to do, Jehovah blessed her. Many years later, Jesus was born in her family! If you are like Rebekah and make Jehovah happy, he will bless you too.