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A Kingdom That Will Rule the Whole Earth

A Kingdom That Will Rule the Whole Earth

Can you guess what Kingdom we are talking about?— Yes, it is God’s Kingdom, the Kingdom that will make the earth a paradise. Would you like to learn more about this Kingdom?—

Every kingdom has a king. And the king rules over the people of his land. Do you know who the King of God’s Kingdom is?— It is Jesus Christ. He lives in heaven. Soon he will be King over everyone on earth! Do you think we will be happy when Jesus is King over the whole earth?—

What do you look forward to in Paradise?

We will be very happy! In Paradise, people will not fight or go to war anymore. Everyone will love one another. Nobody will get sick or die. The blind will see, the deaf will hear, and those who cannot walk will be able to run and jump. Everyone will have plenty to eat. And animals will be friends with one another and with us. People who have died will come back to life. Many of the men and women you have learned about in this brochure like Rebekah, Rahab, David, and Elijah will come back to life too! Would you like to meet them when they come back?—

Jehovah loves you and wants you to be happy. If you keep learning about Jehovah and obeying him, you will be able to live forever in a beautiful paradise! Is that what you want?—