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Jeremiah Did Not Stop Speaking About Jehovah

Jeremiah Did Not Stop Speaking About Jehovah

Why are the people angry with Jeremiah?

Jehovah saved Jeremiah

Sometimes people make fun of us or get angry with us when we talk to them about Jehovah. This can make us want to stop talking about God. Have you ever felt that way?— The Bible tells us about a young man who loved Jehovah but who almost stopped speaking about him. His name was Jeremiah. Let’s learn more about him.

When Jeremiah was a young man, Jehovah told him that he had to warn the people to stop doing bad things. This was very hard for Jeremiah, and he was afraid. He told Jehovah: ‘I don’t know what to say. I’m just a boy.’ But Jehovah said: ‘Do not be afraid. I will help you.’

So Jeremiah started to warn the people that they would be punished if they did not change. Do you think the people did what Jeremiah said?— No. They made fun of him or got very angry with him. Some even wanted to kill him! How do you think Jeremiah felt?— He was afraid and said: ‘I’m not going to speak about Jehovah anymore.’ But did he really give up?— No, he did not. He loved Jehovah so much that he could not stop speaking about him. And because Jeremiah did not give up, Jehovah kept him safe.

For example, some bad men once threw Jeremiah into a deep hole full of mud. He had no food or water. Those men wanted to leave Jeremiah there to die. But with Jehovah’s help, he escaped!

What can you learn from Jeremiah’s example?— Even though he was afraid sometimes, he did not stop speaking about Jehovah. When you talk about Jehovah, people may make fun of you or get angry with you. You may feel embarrassed or even afraid. But never stop speaking about Jehovah. He will always help you, just as he helped Jeremiah.