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They Wrote About Jesus

They Wrote About Jesus

Do you see the men in the picture?— They are Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Peter, James, Jude, and Paul. These men all lived at the same time as Jesus, and they wrote about Jesus. Let’s learn more about them.

What do you know about these men?

Three of them were apostles who preached with Jesus. Do you know which three?— Matthew, John, and Peter. The apostles Matthew and John knew Jesus very well, and they each wrote a book about Jesus’  life. The apostle John also wrote a book called Revelation and three letters called First John, Second John, and Third John. The apostle Peter wrote two letters that are in the Bible. They are called First Peter and Second Peter. In his second letter, Peter wrote about the time when Jehovah spoke from heaven and said about Jesus: ‘This is my son. I love him, and I am proud of him.’

The other men in the picture also teach us about Jesus in the books that they wrote. One of them is Mark. He was probably there when Jesus was arrested and saw everything that happened. Another one is Luke. He was a medical doctor and probably became a Christian after Jesus died.

Two other Bible writers that you see in the picture were Jesus’ younger brothers. Do you know their names?— Their names are James and Jude. At first, they did not believe in Jesus. They even thought he was a bit crazy. But they later believed in Jesus and became Christians.

The last Bible writer you see in the picture is Paul. Before he became a Christian, his name was Saul. He hated Christians and was very mean to them. Do you know what made Paul want to become a Christian?— One day, Paul was traveling on the road when he suddenly heard someone speak to him from heaven. It was Jesus! He asked Paul: ‘Why are you so mean to those who believe in me?’ After that, Paul changed and became a Christian. Paul wrote 14 books of the Bible, Romans through Hebrews.

We read the Bible every day, don’t we?— By reading the Bible, we learn many things about Jesus. Would you like to learn more about Jesus?—