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Jesus Always Obeyed

Jesus Always Obeyed

Is it always easy to obey your parents?— Sometimes it is hard. Did you know that Jesus was obedient both to Jehovah and to his parents?— His example can help you to obey your parents even when it’s not easy. Let’s learn more about this.

Before Jesus was on earth, he was with his Father, Jehovah, in heaven. But Jesus also had parents here on earth. Their names were Joseph and Mary. Do you know how they became his parents?—

Jehovah took the life of Jesus in heaven and put it inside Mary so that Jesus could be born and live on the earth. This was a miracle! Jesus grew inside Mary just as other babies grow inside their mothers. About nine months later, Jesus was born. This is how Mary and her husband, Joseph, became Jesus’ parents here on earth.

When Jesus was only 12 years old, he did something that showed how much he loved his Father, Jehovah. This happened when Jesus and his family made a long trip to Jerusalem for the Passover. On the way back home, Joseph and Mary could not find Jesus anywhere. Do you know where he was?—

Why was Jesus at the temple?

Joseph and Mary hurried back to Jerusalem and looked for Jesus everywhere. They were very worried because they could not find him. But after three days, they found him in the temple! Do you know why Jesus was at the temple?— Because there he could learn about his Father, Jehovah. He loved Jehovah and wanted to learn how to please him. Even when he grew up and became a man, Jesus always obeyed Jehovah. Jesus obeyed even when this was hard for him and it meant that he had to suffer. Did Jesus also obey Joseph and Mary?— Yes, the Bible says that he did.

What can you learn from Jesus’ example?— You need to obey your parents, even when it is hard. Will you do that?—