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Paul’s Nephew Was Brave

Paul’s Nephew Was Brave

Let’s learn about a young man who saved his uncle’s life. The young man’s uncle was the apostle Paul. We do not know the young man’s name, but we do know that he did something very brave. Would you like to hear about what he did?—

Paul was in prison in Jerusalem. He had been arrested because he was preaching about Jesus. Some bad men hated Paul, so they made an evil plan. They said: ‘Let’s ask the army commander to have his soldiers bring Paul to court. We will hide along the road, and when Paul passes by, we will kill him!’

Paul’s nephew told Paul and the army commander about the evil plan

Paul’s nephew heard about this plan. What would he do? He went to the prison and told Paul about it. Right away, Paul told him to tell the army commander about the evil plan. Do you think it was easy for Paul’s nephew to speak to the commander?— No, because the commander was an important man. But Paul’s nephew was brave and spoke to the commander.

The commander knew exactly what to do. He got an army of almost 500 soldiers to protect Paul! He told them to take Paul to Caesarea that night. Was Paul’s life saved?— Yes, the bad men could not attack him! Their evil plan did not work.

What can you learn from this story?— You too can be brave just like Paul’s nephew. We need to be brave when we talk to others about Jehovah. Will you be brave and keep speaking about Jehovah?— If you do, you may save someone’s life.