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David Was Not Afraid

David Was Not Afraid

What do you do when you are afraid?— Maybe you go to your mom and dad for help. But there is someone else who can help you too. He is more powerful than anybody else. Do you know who it is?— Yes, it is Jehovah God. Let’s talk about a young man in the Bible named David. He knew that Jehovah would always help him, so he was not afraid.

From the time David was a baby, his parents taught him to love Jehovah. This helped David not to be afraid even when some scary things happened to him. He knew that Jehovah was his Friend and that He would help him. One time, when David was taking care of some sheep, a big lion came and grabbed a sheep with its mouth! Do you know what David did? He chased after the lion and apparently killed it with his bare hands! And then when a bear attacked the sheep, David killed it too! Who do you think helped David?— Yes, it was Jehovah.

There was another time when David was especially brave. The Israelites were fighting against a people called the Philistines. One of the Philistine soldiers was a very, very tall man, a giant! His name was Goliath. This giant was making fun of the Israelite soldiers and of Jehovah. Goliath dared the Israelite soldiers to come and fight him. But all the Israelites were too afraid to fight him. When David heard about it, he told Goliath: ‘I will fight you! Jehovah will help me, and I will defeat you!’ Do you think that David was brave?— Yes, very brave. Do you want to know what happened next?

David took his sling and five smooth stones, and he went out to fight the giant. When Goliath saw how young David was, he made fun of David. But David told him: ‘You come to me with a sword, but I come to you with the name of Jehovah!’ Then he put a stone in his sling, ran toward Goliath, and threw it straight at him. The stone hit Goliath right between the eyes! The giant fell to the ground, dead! The Philistines got so scared that they all ran away. How was a young boy like David able to defeat a giant?— Jehovah helped him, and Jehovah was much more powerful than that giant!

David was not afraid because he knew that Jehovah would help him

What can you learn from David’s story?— Jehovah is more powerful than anybody else. And he is your Friend. So the next time you feel afraid, remember, Jehovah can help you to be brave!