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This series covers a range of topics and includes many of the articles that have been featured on the home page of Use these articles and videos to strengthen your faith in the practical wisdom found in the Bible.

Great Earthquakes—What Did the Bible Prophesy?

Consider a few examples of significant earthquakes in recent years and how Bible prophecy alerts us to what will take place in the near future.

Will Government Corruption Ever End?

See three reasons for confidence in the unique government that will never become corrupt.


Worshipping Images—What Does the Bible Say?

Does God care if we use images or idols in our worship?


Religion and the War in Ukraine—What Does the Bible Say?

Church leaders on both sides of the conflict are using their influence very differently from what Jesus taught his followers to do and not to do.


Refugee Crisis​—Millions Flee Ukraine

The Bible explains the real causes as well as the long-term solution.

Russia Invades Ukraine

Learn the significance of this event.

Can the Bible Help You Overcome Drug Addiction?

Four Bible-based steps can help you to break free from addiction.

Climate Change and Our Future—What the Bible Says

Does the Creator care about our planet and those who live on it?

Will Life Ever Return to Normal? How the Bible Can Help in a Post-Pandemic World

Six Bible principles can help us manage our expectations and cope with unfolding events.

Should Religion Be Involved in Politics?

Throughout the world, many people who claim to follow Jesus Christ are deeply involved in politics. Should they be?

Is a Fair Economic System Possible?

There is a government that can administer earth’s affairs perfectly, completely eliminating poverty and economic insecurity.

Extreme Weather—Can the Bible Help You to Cope?

The Bible’s advice can help you before, during, and after extreme weather.

Will Terrorism Ever End?

Until fear and violence are eliminated, two things that the Bible recommends can help people to cope when their lives are rocked by terrorism.

Is the World Coming to an End? What Is the Apocalypse?

Although the Bible says that the earth will remain forever, there is a world that will end.

Protect Yourself From Misinformation

Misleading news, false reports, and conspiracy theories abound and may even cause you harm.

When a Loved One Dies

Get practical steps that you can take to cope with your grief.

Do the Bible’s Standards of Right and Wrong Matter Anymore?

Consider two reasons why God’s moral guidance in the Bible is so valuable.

How to Control Worry

What practical tips and Bible verses can help you to allay undue worry?

A Real Hope for a Better Tomorrow

Why are the promises found in the Bible different from the promises and predictions that people make?

Is Religion Just Another Big Business?

In some churches, most who attend are poor but the preacher is extremely wealthy.

Seven Keys to Food Safety and a Healthy Diet

Life is a gift, and we show appreciation for it by caring for our health and that of our families. Consider how you can do that.

Who Will Save the Earth?

According to some environmental experts, human actions are threatening species with extinction and damaging the biodiversity of the planet as never before.

Virus Outbreaks—What You Can Do

How can you cope physically, emotionally, and spiritually when a virus outbreak affects you?

Anxiety in Men​—How the Bible Can Help

Anxiety is a growing problem in these critical times. If you are dealing with anxiety, can the Bible help you?

How to Beat Pandemic Fatigue

If we do not battle it, we may gradually begin to lose our motivation to follow COVID-safe practices.

Will the Cry for Justice Be Heard?

The Bible shows that true justice comes from God, who values every human life equally.

The Arrival of the Spanish Revised New World Translation

How could translators produce a Bible for readers around the world where a single word could have more than one meaning?

How to Deal With a Sudden Health Problem

What practical information in the Bible can help you if your health unexpectedly worsens?

How to Live on Less

While a sudden loss of income can be stressful, practical steps based on the wisdom found in the Bible can help you live on less money.

Alcohol Consumption​—How Can You Stay in Control?

Five tips to help you stay in control of your drinking, even during stressful times.

Help for Victims of Domestic Abuse

Know that it is not your fault and that you are not alone.

How to Deal With Isolation

When you feel isolated, finding hope, happiness, and satisfaction can seem impossible​—it’s not.

Did John the Baptist Really Exist?

The first-century historian Josephus viewed John the Baptist as a real person. So can we.

Ancient Records Confirm the Location of an Israelite Tribe

The Samaria Ostraca confirms details of historical information found in the Bible.

Ancient Seals​—What Were They?

Why were ancient seals so important, and how did kings and rulers use them?

Is the Bible’s Depiction of the Jewish Exile in Babylon Accurate?

Do secular sources confirm the living conditions that God said the Jews would experience in Babylonian exile?

Ancient Egyptian Relief Corroborates a Bible Account

Learn how an ancient Egyptian inscription supports the truthfulness of the Bible.

God’s Laws on Hygiene Were Ahead of Their Time

The ancient nation of Israel benefited by following God’s advanced laws on hygiene.

Anemia​—Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

What is anemia? Can it be prevented or cured?

Archaeological Discovery Points to King David as a Historical Person

Some critics argue that King David of Israel is a myth, a tribal legend. What have archaeologists discovered?

An Ancient Manuscript Supports God’s Name

See the evidence that the divine name belongs in the “New Testament.”

Bible-Reading Plans

Whether you want a daily Bible-reading plan, a historical overview, or a plan for beginners, this schedule will help.

How Did Life Begin?

The fact is, many educated people​—including a number of scientists​—question the validity of the theory of evolution.

How to Find Scriptures in Your Bible

Listed here are the 66 books of the Bible in the order used by most translations. The book name is followed first by the chapter number and then by the number of the verse.

They Valued the Bible

William Tyndale and Michael Servetus are two of the many that, despite opposition and the threat of death, risked their lives and reputations to defend Bible truth.

They Valued the Bible​—Excerpt (William Tyndale)

His love for the Bible was evident in his work, which we still benefit from today.

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