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Record-Breaking Temperatures Worldwide—What Does the Bible Say?

Record-Breaking Temperatures Worldwide—What Does the Bible Say?

 During July 2022, record-breaking temperatures were reported worldwide:

  •   “China issues highest heat alert for almost 70 cities in second heatwave this month.”—July 25, 2022, CNN Wire Service.

  •   “Forest fires rage across Europe as heatwave sends temperatures soaring.”—July 17, 2022, The Guardian.

  •   “Cities across the United States set temperature records on Sunday as a summer heat wave spread across the East Coast and parts of the South and Midwest.”—July 24, 2022, The New York Times.

 What does all this mean? Will the earth eventually become unfit for life? What does the Bible say?

Do heat waves fulfill Bible prophecy?

 Yes. Global heat waves fit events that the Bible foretold for our time. For example, Jesus prophesied that we would see “fearful sights,” or “strange and terrifying things.” (Luke 21:11; Good News Translation) Rising global temperatures have led many to fear that mankind will ruin the earth.

Will the earth become unlivable?

 No. God created the earth to be mankind’s permanent home. (Psalm 115:16; Ecclesiastes 1:4) Rather than allow humans to destroy it, he will “bring to ruin those ruining the earth,” as he has promised.—Revelation 11:18.

 Consider just two prophecies that show what else God has promised:

  •   “The wilderness and the parched land will exult, and the desert plain will be joyful and blossom as the saffron.” (Isaiah 35:1) God will not let the earth become an unlivable desert, but he will restore its damaged areas.

  •   “You care for the earth, making it abundantly fruitful and very rich.” (Psalm 65:9) With God’s blessing, the earth will become a paradise.

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