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Women’s Safety—The Bible’s Perspective

Women’s Safety—The Bible’s Perspective

 Millions of women and girls the world over have been abused. Are you one of them? Find out why your safety matters to God and what he will do about the mistreatment of women.

 “When I was a child, my brother abused me physically and verbally every single day. After I married, my mother-in-law continued the assaults. She and my father-in-law treated me as a slave. I battled thoughts of suicide.”—Madhu, a India.

 “Violence against women is pervasive globally,” confirms the World Health Organization. It estimates that almost one in three women experience physical or sexual violence at some point in their lives.

 If that has happened to you, you might feel at risk of verbal abuse or of physical or sexual violence wherever you go. As a result of such gender-based violence and mistreatment, you may feel that most people think ‘Women don’t matter.’ But do women really matter to God?

The Bible shows that the safety of women matters to God

What is God’s view of women?

 Scripture: “Male and female [God] created them.”—Genesis 1:27.

 Meaning: God created men and women. He views them both as worthy of respect. In addition, he expects a husband to “love his wife as he does himself,” not to try and control her, certainly not with harsh words or violence. (Ephesians 5:33; Colossians 3:19) Clearly, the safety of women matters to God.

 “As a child, I was sexually abused by relatives. When I was 17, my employer threatened to fire me if I did not have sex with him. As an adult, I have been belittled by my husband, parents, and neighbors. But eventually I learned about Jehovah, b the Creator. He views women with respect. This assured me that he loves me and that I am valuable in his eyes.”—Maria, Argentina.

What can help you to begin healing?

 Scripture: “There is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.”—Proverbs 18:24.

 Meaning: A true friend will support you. If you feel it will help, share your feelings with someone you trust.

 For 20 years I told no one that I had been sexually molested. As a result, I grew unhappy, anxious, and depressed. But when I finally shared my experience with someone who was willing to listen, I felt incredible relief.”—Elif, Türkiye.

 Scripture: “Throw all your anxiety on [God], because he cares for you.”—1 Peter 5:7.

 Meaning: When you pray, God really listens. (Psalm 55:22; 65:2) Because he cares, he can help you understand how valuable you really are.

 “Learning about Jehovah began to help me heal from the deep wounds inflicted on me. Now I can confide in God through prayer. He is like a friend who really understands my feelings.”—Ana, Belize.

Will God ever stop the mistreatment of women?

 Scripture: “Jehovah . . . will render justice to the fatherless and to those who are crushed, so that mortal man of the earth may no longer make them afraid.”—Psalm 10:17, 18.

 Meaning: God will soon eradicate all injustice, including cruelty to and violence against women.

 It has been like a soothing remedy for me to learn that Jehovah will soon end mistreatment against women and young girls. It has given me mental peace.”—Roberta, Mexico.

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a Names have been changed.

b Jehovah is the personal name of God. (Psalm 83:18) See the article Who Is Jehovah?