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Help for the Family

This series of articles provides practical, Bible-based advice for families. * To view an expanded list of articles for families, see the section Marriage and Family.

^ par. 2 In this series, the names of some persons quoted have been changed.


How to Develop Patience

When two imperfect people marry, various problems will arise. Patience is fundamental to a successful marriage.

How to Show Affection

How can marriage mates show that they truly care for one another? Consider four suggestions based on principles from the Bible.

How to Leave Work “at Work”

Five tips that can help you keep your job from intruding on your marriage.

When Viewpoints Differ

How can couples resolve a conflict and remain at peace with each other?

How Divorce Affects Children

Although some people think that divorce will always be better for the children, research shows that its effects on children can be devastating.


Spend Quality Time Together

Communication can suffer even when husbands and wives are in the same room. How can couples make the most of their time together?

How to Keep Technology in Its Place

The use of technology can either benefit your marriage or undermine it. How is it affecting your marriage?

How to Control Your Anger

Giving in to anger can damage your health, but so can suppressing your anger. So what can you do when your mate really annoys you?

Raising Children

The Benefits of Creative Play

It has several advantages over passive entertainment and organized activities.

What if My Child Is Bored?

When your child is stuck at home with nothing to do, here are a few things to consider.

Help Your Children Deal With Disturbing News Reports

What can parents do to keep their children from becoming overwhelmed by the news?

What Parents Should Know About Day Care

Ask yourself four questions to determine whether day care is a good option for your child.

Should My Child Have a Smartphone?

Ask these questions to determine if you and your child are ready for the responsibility.

Teaching Children Smartphone Sense

Even tech-savvy children need parental guidance to use a smartphone responsibly.

How to Help Children Deal With Failure

Failure is a part of life. Teach your children to put failure in perspective and help them find solutions.

How to Help Your Child Improve His Grades

See how to identify the real problem behind bad grades and encourage learning.

What if My Child Is Being Bullied?

Four steps can help you teach your child how to respond to a bully.

Talking to Children About Alcohol

When and how should parents talk to their children about this important subject?

Raising Teenagers

When Your Teenager Breaks Your Trust

Do not hastily conclude that your teen is a rebel. Broken trust can be repaired.

How to Provide Parental Guidance

Why is it so easy for children to bond with their peers and lose their connection with their parents?

How to Help Your Child Improve His Grades

See how to identify the real problem behind bad grades and encourage learning.