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I Felt That My Life Was a Success

Madona Kankia

I Felt That My Life Was a Success
  • BORN 1962

  • BAPTIZED 1990

  • PROFILE A former member of the Communist Party in Georgia, she has helped many people to learn the truth. In 2015, she graduated from the first class of the School for Kingdom Evangelizers in Tbilisi.

WHEN I heard about Bible truth back in 1989, I was a prominent member of the Communist Party in my hometown, Senaki, and I regularly sat on the Supreme Soviet of Georgia, equivalent to today’s parliament. I was also engaged to a young man, so I felt that my life was a success.

Mom and Dad instilled in me a love for God. Hence, I believed in God, even though I was a Communist. When I started studying the Bible, I found satisfying answers to all my questions, so I decided to dedicate my life to Jehovah. But my family, friends, colleagues, and fiancé did not agree with my decision.

My new faith caused my relatives to reject me, and it was also incompatible with my political career. I concluded that I had no choice but to leave home, break off my engagement, and resign from my job as well as the Communist Party and the Supreme Soviet. After my baptism, I felt even more pressure from friends and family. Because I was well-known in my hometown, I moved to the city of Kutaisi, where I immediately started pioneering.

When people ask me if my faith was worth the hardships I went through, I answer without hesitation that I am completely happy with the decisions I made. Although my parents did not understand my choices, I am grateful that they taught me to love God and neighbor. This has helped me greatly in life.