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THE spread of the Kingdom message in Georgia is aptly portrayed in Jesus’ illustration of the hidden leaven. (Matt. 13:33) As was true of the leaven, spiritual growth was not discernible at first, but soon the Kingdom message spread pervasively and changed the lives of many.

Read the vibrant and motivating story of love, faith, loyalty, initiative, and courage displayed by God’s people in Georgia during both “favorable times and difficult times.”2 Tim. 4:2.


An Overview of Georgia

Get a quick summary of the geography, people, customs, and unique language of this country on the Black Sea.

Early Truth-Seekers

Appreciative persons who learned Bible truth elsewhere came to Georgia and spread the Kingdom message.

Meetings Help All to Grow in Faith

How did Christian meetings and Georgian-language publications lay the foundation for future growth?

I Yearned for a Change in My Life

After completing his military service, Davit Samkharadze prayed for help to improve his life. The next day, he met Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Looking to Jehovah for Guidance

Tamazi Biblaia sought and received God’s help before relocating to a new town.

“With God All Things Are Possible”

When she assisted fellow Witnesses to print Bible literature, Natela Grigoriadis faced an “impossible” situation.

The Bible in Georgian

Bible manuscripts in Old Georgian have been dated to the mid-fifth century C.E. or even earlier.

“God Kept Making It Grow.”—1 Cor. 3:6.

After Georgia became independent, Jehovah’s Witnesses enjoyed a period of phenomenal growth.

Caring Shepherds Provide Training

After the fall of the Communist regime, how did Witnesses organize congregations, meetings, conventions, and translation of Bible literature?

My Husband Could Not Stop Reading!

Badri Kopaliani was so eager to read his new Bible, he took days off work to complete it.

Where Have You Been Until Now?

Less than a year after his baptism, Artur Gerekhelia moved to where the need for Kingdom preachers was greater.

I Felt That My Life Was a Success

Once a prominent member of the Communist Party, Madona Kankia made a decision to pursue a new course in life.

True Christian Love Never Fails

During the conflict in Abkhazia, Igor Ochigava and Gizo Narmania helped fellow Witnesses and others to receive material and spiritual relief.

I Saw With My Own Eyes What the Bible Says!

Skeptical of Jehovah’s Witnesses, Pepo Devidze did what her mother told her: “Go and see for yourself what they teach.”

Blessings “in Favorable Times and Difficult Times.”—2 Tim. 4:2.

These years see rapid growth in the number of publishers, but then a wave of opposition comes from an unexpected source.

Threats Did Not Stop Them From Serving Jehovah

How did the public react to violent opposition against Jehovah’s Witnesses in Georgia?

“This Is the Heritage of the Servants of Jehovah.”—Isa. 54:17.

Publishers who make efforts to expand their theocratic activity see Jehovah’s blessing.

They Remembered Their Grand Creator

One third of the pioneers in Georgia are 25 years of age or younger.

Kurdish People Respond to the Truth

God-fearing people are happy to hear the message of truth in their own language.

Love Transcends Man-Made Boundaries

Two grandmothers experience the love of the brotherhood.