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Upper Svaneti


An Overview of Georgia

An Overview of Georgia

The grape harvest brings much joy

Land Georgia is known for its majestic mountain ranges and snowcapped peaks, some rising to well over 15,000 feet (4500 m). Geographically, the country is divided into two main parts—eastern and western Georgia, each one consisting of several regions with their own climate, customs, music, dances, and food.

People Most of the 3.7 million inhabitants are ethnic Georgians.

Religion The majority of the population profess the Orthodox Christian faith. About 10 percent are Muslims.

Language The Georgian language is not related to any of the languages of the neighboring countries. Historical sources indicate that the unique Georgian alphabet was invented before our Common Era.

Livelihood Many people earn a living from agriculture. More recently, tourism has become a significant part of the Georgian economy.

Climate The eastern part of the country enjoys a moderate climate. The coast of the Black Sea, in western Georgia, has a subtropical climate, where citrus fruits grow abundantly.

Harvesting grapes in the Kakheti region

Food Bread accompanies every meal on a Georgian table. Traditional bread is baked in a clay oven. A typical main course is a thick stew with spices and fresh herbs. Wine-making has a long history. Traditionally, wine is fermented and kept in large clay vessels. Many families grow their own grapes and make their own wine. Georgia is home to some 500 indigenous grape varieties.

Making traditional bread