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My Husband Could Not Stop Reading!

Marina Kopaliani

My Husband Could Not Stop Reading!
  • BORN 1957

  • BAPTIZED 1990

  • PROFILE Marina and her husband, Badri, became tireless publishers, while raising two sons. Badri later served on the Country Committee and remained faithful until his death in 2010.

IN 1989, my husband and I met the Witnesses at our neighbor’s place. Brother Givi Barnadze, who was studying the Bible with our neighbor, did not have a copy of his own, because it was hard to find Bibles in Georgia at that time.

We appreciated what we heard and desired to obtain a Bible. When my husband saw his fleshly brother, he told him that he was looking for a Bible. To his surprise, his brother replied that he had recently bought a new version of the Bible in Georgian and that he would be happy to give him this Bible as a gift.

When Badri came back home, he sat at the table and read the Bible until nightfall. The next day, he woke up and continued reading. When I came home from work, I found him sitting at the table, still reading the Scriptures. He could not stop reading! So I suggested that he take a few days off to complete his reading. Soon he had managed to read the entire Bible.

When we later began studying the book The Truth That Leads to Eternal Life with Brother Barnadze, we were very glad to have our own Bible. It worked out well because we did not have a personal copy of the Truth book and our teacher did not have a Bible! About a year later, Badri and I were baptized.