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Looking to Jehovah for Guidance

Tamazi Biblaia

Looking to Jehovah for Guidance
  • BORN 1954

  • BAPTIZED 1982

  • PROFILE He assisted with underground printing and also served as one of the first traveling overseers in Georgia, while raising four children.

MY MOTHER was really upset when my wife, Tsitso, and I became Jehovah’s Witnesses. One day, she summoned all our relatives, hoping that they would persuade me not to associate with the Witnesses anymore. I was given a choice—either change my mind or be cast out of the family.

I made the decision to leave town. Being a metalworker, I considered moving to the second largest city in Georgia, Kutaisi, where I could easily find employment. I also knew that there was a great need for publishers in that city, so I looked to Jehovah for guidance.

Shortly thereafter, I met one of my Bible students, who lived in a small town called Jvari. When he heard that I was thinking of moving to Kutaisi, he begged me to move to his town instead. “We have an apartment,” he told me. “My wife, my children, and I will move to one room, and you and your wife can use the other one.”

Since I was seeking Jehovah’s direction, I told him that I would temporarily accept his offer only if I quickly found both a job and a place to rent in Jvari. To my great surprise, he came back the same evening with a list of job offers.

A few days later, my family settled in Jvari. From the very first day, I had a job with a surprisingly high salary. My new boss offered me accommodations in a large house owned by the company. Soon after, I was asked to help with the underground printing of Bible literature. We had plenty of space in our new home, so my wife and I made it available for this activity.

For many years, our spacious house hosted the Memorial and other special events. Over 500 individuals got baptized under our roof! I am so glad that I saw evidence of Jehovah’s direction and followed it!