2 Chronicles 8:1-18

8  And at the end of twenty years in which Solomon had been building Jehovah’s house and his own house, 2  Solomon fortified the cities which Huram had given to Solomon, and settled the sons of Israel there. 3  And Solomon went to Hamath of Sobah and mastered it, 4  and built Palmyra in the wilderness and all the storage cities that he built in Hamath. 5  And he fortified Upper Beth-Horon and Nether Beth-Horon, cities to stand a siege, with walls and gates and bars, 6  and built Baʽalath and all the storage cities Solomon had, and the chariot cities and the cavalry-horse cities, and all Solomon’s fancies that he took the fancy to build in Jerusalem and in the Lebanon and throughout his dominion. 7  All the people that were left of the Hittites and the Amorites and the Perizzites and the Hivvites and the Jebusites, who were not sons of Israel, 8  of their sons that had been left in the country after them, whom the sons of Israel had not made an end of, Solomon levied as a corvée, which they are to this day. 9  But of the sons of Israel Solomon enslaved none for his work, but they were men of war and the captains of his adjutants and of his chariots and cavalry. 10  And these were King Solomon’s chief commissioners, two hundred and fifty of them who were in authority over the people. 11 * And the Pharaoh’s daughter Solomon brought up out of David’s City to the house he built for her, because he said “No wife of mine shall live in the house of King David of Israel, because the premises are hallowed inasmuch as the ark of Jehovah has been into them.” 12  Then Solomon offered burnt-offerings to Jehovah on Jehovah’s altar which he built before the porch; 13  and, each day as was proper for the day, offering them according to Moses’s commandment on the sabbaths and the new moons and the anniversaries three times a year, at the feast of matzoth and at the feast of weeks and at the feast of booths. 14  And he had the divisions of the priests stand for their service in accordance with the ritual of his father David, and the Levites for their duties, singing praises and assisting in concurrence with the priests, giving the daily service each day, and the gatemen by their divisions at each gate, because such was the command of David the man of God; 15  and they did not deviate from the king’s command to the priests and the Levites as to any matter or as to the treasuries. 16 * And all Solomon’s work was brought into good condition up to that day, the founding of Jehovah’s house and up to its completion; Jehovah’s house was finished. 17  Then Solomon went to Ghesjon-Geber and to Eloth on the shore of the Red Sea in Edom, 18  and Huram sent him, by his subjects, ships and workingmen familiar with the sea, and they came with Solomon’s subjects to Ophir and fetched from there four hundred and fifty hundredweight of gold and brought it to King Solomon.


8:11 Lit. because they are
8:16 Var. And all the work was got ready from the day the foundation of Jehovah’s house was laid till Solomon finished Jehovah’s house.