2 Chronicles 16:1-14

16  In the year thirty-six of Asa’s reign King Baʽasha of Israel came up against Judah and fortified Ramah, blockading King Asa of Judah. 2  And Asa took out silver and gold from the treasuries of Jehovah’s house and the palace and sent them to King Ben-Hadad of Syria, who lived at Damascus, with the message 3  “There is a treaty between you and me, between your father and mine; here I have sent you silver and gold; go break your treaty with King Baʽasha of Israel, so that he will withdraw from his attack on me.” 4  And Ben-Hadad listened to King Asa, and sent his generals against the cities of Israel, and they ravaged ʽIjon and Dan and Abel-Maim and all the storages for the cities of Naphtali; 5  and when Baʽasha heard of it he left off fortifying Ramah and made an end of the measures he was taking, 6  and King Asa took all Judah and they carried away the stone and timber of Ramah, that Baʽasha had built in, and with it he fortified Gebaʽ and Mispah. 7  But at that time the seer Hanani came to King Asa of Judah and said to him “Because you leaned on the king of Syria and not on your God Jehovah, therefore the forces of the king of Syria escaped out of your hands. 8 * Did not the Nubians and Libyans constitute a vast force in numbers, in chariots, and in cavalry? but by your leaning on Jehovah he gave them into your hands. 9  For Jehovah’s eyes range through all the earth for working strongly with those whose hearts are sound toward him. You did foolishly in this: henceforth you have wars on hand.” 10 * And Asa was provoked at the seer and put him in the house where the stocks were, in displeasure at him over this. And Asa persecuted some of the people at that time. 11  And the history of Asa, first and last, is to be found recorded in the book of the kings of Israel and Judah. 12  And in the year thirty-nine of his reign Asa was taken with a disease in his legs, which became uncommonly severe; and in his disease too he resorted not to Jehovah but to the doctors. 13  And Asa went to rest with his fathers, and died in the year forty-one of his reign; 14  and they buried him in his grave that he had dug for himself in David’s City, and laid him in a niche which he had filled with spices and specialties concocted by professional pharmacy; and they made a very great burning for him.


16:8 (Nubians) Or Cushites
16:10 Codd. because in displeasure