2 Chronicles 12:1-16

12  But when Rehoboam’s royal power was firmly established and he had grown strong, he abandoned Jehovah’s instructions, and all Israel with him. 2  And in the year five of King Rehoboam, King Shishak of Egypt came up against Jerusalem, because they had been unfaithful to Jehovah, 3  with twelve hundred chariots and sixty thousand horsemen, and there was no counting the men that came with him from Egypt, Libyans and Sukkites and Nubians; 4  and he took all the guard-cities of Judah and came up to Jerusalem. 5  And the prophet Shemaʽiah came to Rehoboam and the captains of Judah who had come together at Jerusalem for fear of Shishak, and said to them “Says Jehovah, You have left me and so have I left you in Shishak’s hands.” 6  And the captains of Israel and the king humbled themselves and said “Jehovah is in the right.” 7  And when Jehovah saw that they humbled themselves, Jehovah’s word came to Shemaʽiah “They have humbled themselves; I will not make away with them, but will let them have a bare survival, and my ire shall not be poured out on Jerusalem by Shishak. 8 ** But they shall become subjects to him and know the difference between subjection to me and subjection to the empires of earth.” 9  And King Shishak of Egypt came up against Jerusalem, and took the treasures of Jehovah’s house and of the palace, took everything; and he took the golden shields Solomon had made. 10  And King Rehoboam made bronze shields instead, and committed them to the charge of the captains of the runners who guarded the door of the palace; 11  and as often as the king came to Jehovah’s house the runners came and carried them and took them back to the guard-chamber. 12  But at his humbling himself Jehovah’s anger turned back from him and he did not make away with him outright; and in Judah too there were good points. 13  And King Rehoboam consolidated his power in Jerusalem and reigned on; for Rehoboam was forty-one years old at his accession to the throne, and reigned seventeen years at Jerusalem, the city Jehovah had chosen, to put his name there, out of all the tribes of Israel. And his mother’s name was Na’amah the ʽAmmonite. 14  And he did what was bad; for he had not made up his mind to devote himself to Jehovah. 15 * And as to the history of Rehoboam, first and last, it is recorded in the history of Shemaʽiah the prophet and of ʽIddo the seer for genealogical records. And the fightings of Rehoboam and Jeroboam went on all the time. 16  And Rehoboam went to rest with his fathers, and was buried in David’s City, and his son Abijah succeeded him.


12:8 Lit. know subjection to me and
12:8 Lit. the empires of the countries
12:15 (for genealogical records) Susp.