2 Chronicles 5:1-14

5  And all the work Solomon did on Jehovah’s house was finished; and Solomon brought in his father David’s consecrated articles and put the silver and the gold and all the furnishings in the treasuries of the house of God. 2  Then Solomon assembled the elders of Israel and all the heads of the tribes, the family princes of the sons of Israel, at Jerusalem to bring up the ark of Jehovah’s covenant from David’s City (that is, Sion); 3 * and all the men of Israel assembled with the king at the feast (that is, the seventh month); 4  and all the elders of Israel came, and the Levites took up the ark, 5 * and they brought up the ark and the Tent of Meeting, and all the consecrated furnishings that there were in the Tent; the Levite priests brought them up, 6  while King Solomon and all the congregation of Israel who had gathered around him were in front of the ark sacrificing sheep and cattle too many for the count to be taken or the number known. 7  And the priests brought the ark of Jehovah’s covenant in to its place in the shrine of the house, in the holiest of the holy, under the cherubs’ wings; 8  and the cherubs spread out two wings over the place for the ark, and the cherubs covered over the ark and its poles, 9 * but the poles were long and the heads of the poles were seen from the holy place along the front of the shrine, but were not seen outside; and it is there to this day. 10  There was nothing at all in the ark but the two tablets that Moses put there at Horeb, that Jehovah covenanted with the sons of Israel when they came out of Egypt. 11  And when the priests came out of the holy place (for all the priests that were to be found had hallowed themselves; there was no observing divisions), 12  the Levite singers all of them, Asaph, Heman, Jeduthun, and their sons and their brothers, dressed in lawn, with cymbals and with harps and lyres, stood east of the altar, and with them priests to the number of a hundred and twenty sounding trumpets, 13 ** and they played in concert, the trumpeters and the singers, giving a single sound of praise and thanksgiving to Jehovah; and as they pealed out the sound with trumpets and cymbals and instruments of song and with praise to Jehovah, “because he is good, because his friendship lasts forever,” the house was filled with the cloud of Jehovah’s house, 14  and the priests could not stand to officiate because of the cloud because Jehovah’s glory had filled the house of God.


5:3 Lit. assembled to the king
5:5 Var. the priests and the Levites
5:9 Var. were seen, standing out from the ark to the front of
5:13 Lit. and it was like one for the trumpeters and
5:13 Codd.* with cloud, Jehovah’s house Var. with the cloud of Jehovah’s glory