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Raising Children

How to Be a Good Parent

What Makes a Good Parent?

How can you raise responsible children?

Fulfilling Your Role as a Parent

How can you help your children deal with the moral challenges they face today?

How to Be a Good Father

Consider five Bible principles that can help you to be a loving and balanced father.

When Your Child Is Disabled

Consider three challenges you might face and how the wisdom found in the Bible can help.


Raising Considerate Children in a Me-First World

Consider three areas where you can help your children avoid developing a me-first attitude.

Inculcate Moral Values in Your Children

Does your child know the truth about sex? Find out what God’s standards are and what you should teach your children.

Raising Responsible Children

How can Jesus’ example help you become a more effective parent?

How to Educate Your Child

Discipline involves more than just rules and punishment.

How to Praise Children

One type of praise has proven to be the most effective.

Helping Your Child Deal With Puberty

Five Bible-based tips can make this often challenging time easier to manage.

The Importance of Chores

Are you reluctant to assign your children chores? If so, consider how helping out around the house can teach them responsibility and bring them joy.

When Your Child Asks About Death

Four steps can help you answer their questions and show them how to cope with the loss of a loved one.

How Can Children Learn to Love God?

How can you reach your child’s heart with the Bible’s message?

Teaching Your Child About Sex

Youngsters are being exposed to sexual messages at an increasingly early age. What should you know? What can you do to protect your children?

Talk to Your Children About Sex

It’s crucial that parents talk to their children about sex. Find out how to discuss this awkward topic.

Protect Your Children

Caleb and Sophia get helpful tips so they can be safe.


Disciplining Children

Disagreements over child rearing can have a negative effect on your family. Learn what a couple can do.

Whatever Happened to Discipline?

Could a movement that began in the 1960’s still be affecting parenting today?

How Should You Discipline Your Children?

The Bible describes three elements of effective discipline.

Teaching Children to Obey

Do you and your child keep getting locked in a battle of wills that your child always seems to win? Five parenting tips can help.

Teaching Children Self-Control

Giving your children everything they want can actually deprive them of something far more important.

Teaching Children Humility

Teach your child humility without damaging his or her self-worth.

How to Say No

What if your child tests your resolve with whining or pleading?

How to Deal With Tantrums

What can you do when your child throws a tantrum? Bible principles can help you cope with this challenge.

When Your Child Lies

What should you do if your child lies? This article discusses Bible-based advice that can help you teach your child the importance of telling the truth.