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Raising Teenagers


Preparing Teens for Adulthood

Are you raising a teenager? If so, how can you help your child become a responsible adult?

How to Communicate With Your Teenager

Do you feel frustrated when talking to your teenager? What factors make it challenging?

Communicating With Adolescents

How can you talk to a teenager who will not answer your questions?

Talk to Your Teenager—Without Arguing

Your teenager is forming an identity and needs an environment in which he can express his convictions. How can you help?

When Your Teenage Daughter Is Stressed Out

Many teenage girls feel overwhelmed by the changes they are experiencing. How can parents help them to cope with the stress?

When Your Adolescent Questions Your Faith

How you handle your adolescent’s questioning may well determine whether he will choose to draw closer to your faith or pull farther away from it.

Discipline and Training

How to Discipline Your Teenager

To discipline means to teach. Bible principles can help you teach your teenager how to obey rather than rebel.

How to Set Rules for Your Teenager

What can you do if your teenager constantly seems to be irritated by your rules?

How to Teach Teens Internet Safety

How can you move beyond rules and help your teen make wise decisions on his own?

How to Talk to Your Teen About Sexting

Don’t wait for an incident to occur involving your child. Discuss the dangers of sexting with your teenager.

When Your Teenager Self-Injures

Some teenagers intentionally injure themselves. What is behind this behavior? How can you help your child?