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“His Invisible Qualities Are Clearly Seen”

“His Invisible Qualities Are Clearly Seen”

Do you believe in God? If so, can you point to proof of his existence? The truth is that we are surrounded by evidence of a Creator who is wise, powerful, and loving. What is this evidence, and how compelling is it? For the answer, consider the words of the apostle Paul recorded in his letter to Christians in Rome.

Paul said: “His [God’s] invisible qualities are clearly seen from the world’s creation onward, because they are perceived by the things made, even his eternal power and Godship, so that they are inexcusable.” (Romans 1:20) The Creator left his imprint on his handiwork, as Paul pointed out. Let us take a closer look at Paul’s words.

God’s qualities could be seen “from the world’s creation onward,” notes Paul. In this context the Greek word rendered “world” does not refer to the planet Earth. Rather, it refers to humankind. a Hence, Paul is saying that from the moment humans were created, they could see evidence of the Creator’s qualities in the things he made.

That evidence is all around us. It is not hidden in nature but is “clearly seen.” From the largest to the smallest, creation clearly reveals not only that there is a Creator but also that he has wonderful qualities. Does not the intelligent design so obvious in nature reveal to us God’s wisdom? Do not the starry heavens and the pounding surf reveal his power? Does not the variety of foods that delight our palate and the beauty of sunrises and sunsets reveal his love for mankind?​—Psalm 104:24; Isaiah 40:26.

How plain is the evidence? It is so clear that those who do not see it and who thus refuse to believe in God “are inexcusable.” One scholar illustrates it this way: Imagine a driver who ignores a sign that says “Detour​—Turn Left.” A police officer stops him and starts writing him a ticket. The driver tries to argue that he did not see the sign. But his words carry little weight because the sign is in plain view and there is nothing wrong with the driver’s vision. Besides, as a driver, the responsibility for seeing and heeding such signs is his. So it is with the evidence of God in nature. That “sign” is in plain view. As reasoning creatures, we are capable of seeing it. There is no excuse for ignoring it.

The Creator left his imprint on his handiwork

Indeed, the book of creation reveals much about our Creator. But there is another book that reveals far more about him​—the Bible. Through its pages we can learn the answer to this vital question: What is God’s purpose for our earth and the humans who inhabit it? Learning the answer to that question can help you to draw closer to the God whose “invisible qualities are clearly seen” in the world around us.

Suggested Bible reading for August

Romans 1-16

a The Bible also speaks of “the world” as being guilty of sin and needing a savior, clearly showing that in such contexts the term applies to humankind and not the earth.​—John 1:29; 4:42; 12:47.