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“The Rewarder of Those Earnestly Seeking Him”

“The Rewarder of Those Earnestly Seeking Him”

Does Jehovah value what his worshippers do in trying to please him? Some might say no, claiming that God is not interested in us. But such a claim promotes a gross misrepresentation of God. His Word, the Bible, sets the record straight. It assures us that Jehovah appreciates the efforts of his faithful worshippers. Consider the words of the apostle Paul found at Hebrews 11:6.

What does it take to please Jehovah? “Without faith it is impossible to please [God] well,” writes Paul. Notice that Paul does not say that it is difficult to please God without faith. Rather, the apostle says that it is impossible to do so. In other words, faith is an essential ingredient for pleasing God.

What kind of faith pleases Jehovah? Our faith in God must involve two aspects. First, we “must believe that he is.” Other translations say “believe that he is real” and “believe that he exists.” How could we possibly please God if we doubted his existence? Still, genuine faith involves more, for even the demons believe that Jehovah exists. (James 2:19) Our faith that God is real should move us to action, that is, to prove our faith by living in a way that is pleasing to him.​—James 2:20, 26.

Second, we “must believe that” God is “the rewarder.” A person with true faith is fully convinced that his efforts to live in a way that pleases God will not be in vain. (1 Corinthians 15:58) How could we please Jehovah if we doubted his ability or desire to reward us? (James 1:17; 1 Peter 5:7) A person who concludes that God must be uncaring, unappreciative, and ungenerous does not know the God of the Bible.

Whom does Jehovah reward? “Those earnestly seeking him,” says Paul. A reference work for Bible translators notes that the Greek word rendered “earnestly seeking” does not mean “going out to find” but, rather, implies coming to God “in worship.” Another reference work explains that this Greek verb is in a form that suggests intensity and concentrated effort. Yes, Jehovah rewards those whose faith moves them to worship him with wholehearted love and zeal.​—Matthew 22:37.

How could we please Jehovah if we doubted his ability or desire to reward us?

How does Jehovah reward his faithful worshippers? He has promised a priceless future reward that reveals the depth of his generosity and love​—everlasting life in Paradise on earth. (Revelation 21:3, 4) Even now, those who earnestly seek Jehovah experience rich blessings. With the help of his holy spirit and the wisdom found in his Word, they enjoy a rewarding and satisfying way of life.​—Psalm 144:15; Matthew 5:3.

Truly, Jehovah is an appreciative God who cherishes the faithful service of his devoted worshippers. Does knowing that move you to want to draw closer to him? If so, why not learn more about how you can cultivate and demonstrate the kind of faith that Jehovah will richly reward?

Suggested Bible reading for November

Titus 1-3; Philemon 1-25; Hebrews 1-13James 1-5