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He Fills Our “Hearts to the Full”

He Fills Our “Hearts to the Full”

Does Jehovah really care about us, or is he indifferent to the plight of humans on this earth? The Bible’s answer to that question warms our heart. God does indeed care about the human family, and he wants us to enjoy life. Every day he allows humans—even the most thankless among them—to benefit from his abundant goodness. Consider the words of the apostle Paul.Read Acts 14:16, 17.

Addressing people in the city of Lystra who were not worshippers of God, Paul said: “In the past generations [God] permitted all the nations to go on in their ways, although, indeed, he did not leave himself without witness in that he did good, giving you rains from heaven and fruitful seasons, filling your hearts to the full with food and good cheer.” What did those words mean to Paul’s hearers?

The people of Lystra did not have to look far to see the truthfulness of Paul’s words. They were part of an agricultural community and lived in a fertile and well-watered region. But, as Paul reminded them, God is the Source of the rain and the fruitful seasons. Thus, every time they harvested a bountiful crop and enjoyed a delicious meal, they were benefiting from God’s goodness.

Paul’s words to the people of Lystra teach us several important lessons about Jehovah God.

Jehovah gives us free will. Note that Jehovah permitted all the Gentile nations “to go on in their ways.” A reference work for Bible translators says that this expression can mean “to go as they pleased” or “to do as they themselves thought best.” Jehovah does not force anyone to worship him. He has endowed us with free will—the ability to choose our own life course.Deuteronomy 30:19.

Jehovah wants us to know him. He has not left “himself without witness,” explained Paul. The previously mentioned reference work says that this phrase can be rendered “he has shown people clearly just what kind of God he is.” God’s creations bear eloquent testimony to his “invisible qualities,” including his goodness, wisdom, power, and love. (Romans 1:20) Jehovah has revealed much more about himself in the Bible. (2 Timothy 3:16, 17) Is it not clear that he wants us to know him?

Every day God allows humans—even the most thankless among them—to benefit from his abundant goodness

Jehovah wants us to be happy. He fills our “hearts to the full with food and good cheer,” said Paul. Even the sinner who does not acknowledge Jehovah may eat food to his heart’s content and find a measure of happiness in life. However, God wants us to enjoy true and lasting happiness. That is possible only if we learn the truth about him and apply it in our life.Psalm 144:15; Matthew 5:3.

We all benefit from Jehovah’s goodness every day. Why not learn more about how you can show your gratitude to the God who fills your heart “to the full with food and good cheer”?

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