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What Is Bethel?

What Is Bethel?

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Bethel, a Hebrew name, means “House of God.” (Genesis 28:17, 19, footnote) It is a fitting designation for the complexes that Jehovah’s Witnesses have established around the world from which the preaching work is directed and supported. The Governing Body serves at the world headquarters in New York State, U.S.A., and from there it supervises the activity of the branch offices in scores of countries. As a group, those who serve at these facilities are known as the Bethel family. Like a family, they live and work together, enjoy meals together, and study the Bible together in unity.​—Psalm 133:1.

A unique place where family members give of themselves. At every Bethel facility, there are Christian men and women who are devoted to doing God’s will and serving Kingdom interests full-time. (Matthew 6:33) Not one of them receives a wage or salary, but all are furnished with room and board and an allowance to assist with personal expenses. Everyone at Bethel has an assignment, whether in an office, a kitchen, or a dining room. Some serve in a printery or a bindery, or do housekeeping, laundry, maintenance, or other things.

A busy place that supports Kingdom preaching. The main objective of every Bethel is to make Bible truth available to as many people as possible. This brochure is one example of that. It was written under the oversight of the Governing Body, transmitted electronically to hundreds of translation teams around the world, printed on high-speed presses at several Bethel printeries, and shipped out to over 110,000 congregations. Every step of the way, Bethel families provide essential support to the most urgent of all tasks​—preaching the good news.​—Mark 13:10.

  • Who serve at Bethel, and what provisions are made for them?

  • What urgent work is supported by the activity at each Bethel?