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Why Do We Attend Large Assemblies?

Why Do We Attend Large Assemblies?






Why is there such joy on the faces of these people? They are attending one of our assemblies. Like God’s servants in the past, who were instructed to assemble three times a year, we look forward to meeting together in larger groups. (Deuteronomy 16:16) Every year, we have three events: two one-day circuit assemblies and a three-day regional convention. How do we benefit from these gatherings?

They strengthen our Christian brotherhood. Just as the Israelites rejoiced at praising Jehovah “in assemblies,” we too enjoy worshipping him together at special events. (Psalm 26:12, footnote; 111:1) These gatherings create an opportunity to meet and associate with Witnesses from other congregations or even from other lands. At midday, we enjoy a meal together at the assembly location, adding to the friendly atmosphere of these spiritual occasions. (Acts 2:42) There we experience firsthand the love that unites our “whole association of brothers” in the world.​—1 Peter 2:17.

They help us to make spiritual progress. The Israelites also benefited by having “understood the words” of the Scriptures that were expounded to them. (Nehemiah 8:8, 12) We too appreciate the Bible instruction that we receive at our assemblies. Each program is based on a Scriptural theme. Through interesting talks, symposiums, and reenactments, we learn how to do God’s will in our life. We are encouraged when we hear the experiences of those who are successfully meeting the challenge of living as Christians in these difficult times. At regional conventions, costume dramas bring Bible accounts to life and teach us practical lessons. At every assembly, a baptism is held for those who want to symbolize their dedication to God.

  • Why are the assemblies happy occasions?

  • How might you benefit from attending an assembly?