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Kingdom Halls​—Why and How Are They Built?

Kingdom Halls​—Why and How Are They Built?


Nigeria, before and after


As the name Kingdom Hall implies, the central Bible teaching discussed there focuses on God’s Kingdom​—the theme of Jesus’ ministry.​—Luke 8:1.

They are centers of true worship in the community. From that location, the preaching of the good news of the Kingdom is carried out. (Matthew 24:14) Kingdom Halls vary in size and design, but all are modest structures, many accommodating more than one congregation. In recent years, we have built tens of thousands of new Kingdom Halls (an average of five each day) in order to keep up with the increase in our congregations. How is this possible?​—Matthew 19:26.

They are built with donations made to a central fund. These donations are sent to the branch office so that money can be made available to congregations needing to build or remodel a Kingdom Hall.

They are built by unpaid volunteers from all walks of life. In many lands, Kingdom Hall Construction Groups have been organized. Teams of construction servants and volunteers move from one congregation to the next within a country, even in remote areas, assisting the local congregations with the construction of their Kingdom Halls. In other lands, qualified Witnesses have been appointed to supervise the building and renovating of Kingdom Halls within an assigned region. Although many skilled tradesmen from the region volunteer their labor at every building site, members of the local congregation make up the bulk of the volunteer labor force. Jehovah’s spirit and the whole-souled efforts of his people are making all of this possible.​—Psalm 127:1; Colossians 3:23.

  • Why are our places of worship called Kingdom Halls?

  • How is it possible to build Kingdom Halls all around the world?