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How Can We Help Maintain Our Kingdom Hall?

How Can We Help Maintain Our Kingdom Hall?




Puerto Rico

Every Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses bears God’s holy name. Therefore, we feel that sharing in keeping the building clean, presentable, and in good repair is a privilege and an important part of our sacred worship. All can participate.

Volunteer after a meeting to do some cleaning. After each meeting, brothers and sisters happily do a light cleaning to tidy up the Kingdom Hall. Once a week, a more thorough cleaning is done. An elder or a ministerial servant coordinates the work, usually following a checklist of things to do. Depending on the need, individuals volunteer to sweep, mop, or vacuum the floor, do dusting, straighten the chairs, clean and disinfect the bathrooms, wash windows and mirrors, dispose of trash, or do exterior cleaning and care for the yard. At least once a year, a day is set aside to do a major cleaning. By including our children in some duties, we teach them to respect our place of worship.​—Ecclesiastes 5:1.

Lend a hand in making any needed repairs. Every year, a detailed inspection is made of the Kingdom Hall, inside and out. Based on this inspection, regular maintenance work is done to keep the hall in good repair, helping to avoid unnecessary expenses. (2 Chronicles 24:13; 34:10) A clean and well-maintained Kingdom Hall is a worthy place in which to worship our God. By having a share in this work, we show how close Jehovah and our place of worship are to our heart. (Psalm 122:1) This also creates a favorable impression in the community.​—2 Corinthians 6:3.

  • Why should we not neglect our place of worship?

  • What arrangements are made to keep the Kingdom Hall clean?