God’s Kingdom Rules!

Millions have found a happy, secure life under God’s perfect government. Would you like to be a citizen?

A Letter From the Governing Body

How has C. T. Russell’s electrifying announcement on October 2, 1914 proven true?


“Let Your Kingdom Come”

Jesus taught about the Kingdom of God more than any other subject. How and when will it come?


The Kingdom Is Born in Heaven

Who helped to prepare Christ’s people on earth for the Kingdom? What features mark the Kingdom as a real government?


Jehovah Reveals His Purpose

Was the Kingdom part of God’s original purpose? How did Jesus shed light on the Kingdom?


Jehovah Exalts His Name

What has the Kingdom accomplished regarding God’s name? How can you personally share in sanctifying Jehovah’s name?


The King Shines Light on the Kingdom

Gain a clearer understanding about the Kingdom of God, its rulers and subjects, and the requirement of loyalty.


People Who Preach​—Ministers Offer Themselves Willingly

Why was Jesus confident that he would have an army of willing preachers in the last days? How can you show that you are seeking first the Kingdom?


Methods of Preaching​—Using Every Means to Reach People

Learn about the innovative techniques God’s people have used to reach as many people as possible with the good news before the end comes.


Tools for Preaching​—Producing Literature for the Worldwide Field

How does our translation work prove that we have Jesus’ backing? What facts about our publications prove to you that the Kingdom is real?


Results of Preaching​—“The Fields . . . Are White for Harvesting”

Jesus taught his disciples two important lessons about the great spiritual harvest. How do these lessons affect us today?


The King Refines His People Spiritually

What do Christmas and the cross have in common?


Moral Refinements​—Reflecting God’s Holiness

The guard chambers and entryways of Ezekiel’s temple vision have had special meaning for God’s people since 1914.


Organized to Serve “the God of Peace”

The Bible contrasts disorder, not with order, but with peace. Why? And how does the answer affect Christians today?


Kingdom Preachers Take Their Case to Court

Judges in some modern-day high courts adopt the view of the ancient Law teacher Gamaliel.


Loyally Supporting God’s Government and No Other

The “river” of persecution brought on Jehovah’s Witnesses because of their political neutrality has been swallowed by an unexpected source.


Fighting for Freedom to Worship

God’s people have fought for the right to obey the law​—the law of God’s Kingdom.


Meeting Together for Worship

How can we get the most benefit from meetings to worship Jehovah?


Training Ministers of the Kingdom

How have theocratic schools prepared Kingdom ministers to fulfill their assignments?


How Kingdom Activities Are Financed

Where does the money come from? How is it used?


Building Work That Honors Jehovah

Places of worship bring honor to God, but he values something else even more highly.


The Ministry of Relief

How do we know that relief work is part of our sacred service to Jehovah?


God’s Kingdom Removes Its Enemies

You can prepare now for the battle of Armageddon.


The Kingdom Carries Out God’s Will on Earth

How can you be sure that Jehovah’s promises will come true?