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Role Model—Jacob

Role Model—Jacob

Role Model​—Jacob

Jacob and his brother, Esau, have not spoken in years. In fact, Esau hates Jacob. Even though Jacob has done nothing wrong, he is the one who takes the initiative to heal the rift. He makes concessions. His aim is not to win an argument but to win his brother’s affection. Jacob doesn’t compromise his principles, but neither does he insist on an apology before making peace with his brother.​—Genesis 25:27-34; 27:30-41; 32:3-22; 33:1-9.

How do you handle disputes with your family members? Sometimes you may feel that you are clearly right and your sibling or parent is clearly wrong. In such situations do you wait for the other person to make the first move? Or can you be like Jacob? When Bible principles are not at stake, will you be willing to make concessions for the sake of peace? (1 Peter 3:8, 9) Jacob didn’t let pride divide his family. He humbled himself and won back his brother. Will you do the same with your family members?