Proverbs 1:1-33

  • Purpose of the proverbs (1-7)

  • Dangers of bad association (8-19)

  • True wisdom cries out publicly (20-33)

1  The proverbs of Solʹo·mon,+ the son of David,+ the king of Israel:+   To learn* wisdom+ and discipline;To understand wise sayings;   To acquire the discipline+ that gives insight,Righteousness,+ good judgment,*+ and uprightness;*   To impart shrewdness+ to the inexperienced;To give a young man knowledge and thinking ability.+   A wise person listens and takes in more instruction;+A man of understanding acquires skillful direction*+   To understand a proverb and a puzzling saying,*The words of the wise and their riddles.+   The fear of* Jehovah is the beginning of knowledge.+ Only fools despise wisdom and discipline.+   Listen, my son, to the discipline of your father,+And do not forsake the instruction* of your mother.+   They are an attractive wreath for your head+And a fine ornament for your neck.+ 10  My son, if sinners try to entice you, do not consent.+ 11  If they say: “Come with us. Let us set an ambush to shed blood. We will lie hidden, waiting for innocent victims without cause. 12  We will swallow them alive as the Grave* does,Whole, like those going down to the pit. 13  Let us seize all their precious treasures;We will fill our houses with spoil. 14  You should join us,*And we will all share equally what we steal.”* 15  My son, do not follow them. Keep your feet off their path,+ 16  For their feet run to do evil;They hurry to shed blood.+ 17  It is surely in vain to spread a net in full sight of a bird. 18  That is why these lie in ambush to shed blood;They lie hidden to take the lives* of others. 19  These are the ways of those seeking dishonest profit,Which will take away the life* of those who obtain it.+ 20  True wisdom+ cries aloud in the street.+ It keeps raising its voice in the public squares.+ 21  At the corner* of the busy streets it calls out. At the entrances of the city gates it says:+ 22  “How long will you inexperienced ones love inexperience? How long will you ridiculers take pleasure in ridicule? And how long will you foolish ones hate knowledge?+ 23  Respond to my reproof.*+ Then I will pour out my spirit for you;I will make my words known to you.+ 24  Because I called out, but you kept refusing,I stretched out my hand, but no one was paying attention,+ 25  You kept neglecting all my adviceAnd rejecting my reproof, 26  I also will laugh when disaster strikes you;I will mock when what you dread comes,+ 27  When what you dread comes like a storm,And your disaster arrives like a storm wind,When distress and trouble come upon you. 28  At that time they will keep calling me, but I will not answer;They will eagerly look for me, but they will not find me,+ 29  Because they hated knowledge,+And they did not choose to fear Jehovah.+ 30  They refused my advice;They disrespected all my reproof. 31  So they will bear the consequences* of their way,+And they will be glutted with their own counsel.* 32  For the waywardness of the inexperienced will kill them,And the complacency of fools will destroy them. 33  But the one listening to me will dwell in security+And be undisturbed by the dread of calamity.”+


Lit., “To know.”
Or “what is just.”
Or “fairness.”
Or “wise guidance.”
Or “a parable.”
Or “reverence for.”
Or “law.”
Or “Sheol,” that is, the common grave of mankind. See Glossary.
Or “share a common bag (purse).”
Or “Throw in your lot with us.”
Or “souls.”
Or “soul.”
Lit., “head.”
Or “Turn back when I reprove.”
Lit., “eat from the fruit.”
Or “schemes; plans.”