Job 9:1-35

  • Job’s reply (1-35)

    • Mortal man cannot contend with God (2-4)

    • ‘God does unsearchable things’ (10)

    • One cannot argue with God (32)

9  Job said in reply:   “For a fact I know that this is so. But how can mortal man be in the right in a case with God?+   If someone wishes to argue with Him,*+That one could not answer one of His questions in a thousand.   He is wise in heart and mighty in power.+ Who can resist him and come off uninjured?+   He moves* mountains without anyone knowing it;He overturns them in his anger.   He shakes the earth out of its place,So that its pillars tremble.+   He commands the sun not to shineAnd seals off the light of the stars;+   He spreads out the heavens by himself,+And he treads upon the high waves of the sea.+   He made the Ash,* the Keʹsil,* and the Kiʹmah constellations,*+And the constellations of the southern sky;* 10  He does great and unsearchable things,+Wonderful things that cannot be counted.+ 11  He passes by me, and I cannot see him;He moves past me, but I do not discern him. 12  When he snatches something, who can resist him? Who can say to him, ‘What are you doing?’+ 13  God will not restrain his anger;+Even the helpers of Raʹhab*+ will bow down to him. 14  How much more when I answer himMust I choose my words carefully to argue with him! 15  Even if I were in the right, I would not answer him.+ I could only plead for mercy from my judge.* 16  If I call out to him, will he answer me? I do not believe that he will listen to my voice, 17  For he crushes me with a stormAnd multiplies my wounds for no reason.+ 18  He does not let me catch my breath;He keeps filling me with bitter things. 19  If it is a matter of power, he is the strong one.+ If it is a matter of justice, he says: ‘Who can call me to account?’* 20  If I were in the right, my own mouth would condemn me;Even if I keep my integrity,* he will declare me guilty.* 21  Even if I keep my integrity,* I am not confident about myself;*I reject* this life of mine. 22  It is all the same. That is why I say,‘He destroys the innocent* and the wicked alike.’ 23  If a flash flood should cause sudden death,He would mock at the despair of the innocent. 24  The earth has been handed over to the wicked;+He covers the eyes* of its judges. If it is not he, then, who is it? 25  Now my days are swifter than a runner;+They run away without seeing good. 26  They glide by like reed boats,Like eagles that swoop down on their prey. 27  If I say, ‘I will forget my complaint,I will change my expression and be cheerful,’ 28  I would still be afraid because of all my pains,+And I know you would not find me innocent. 29  I would be found guilty.* So why should I struggle in vain?+ 30  If I wash myself in water from melting snow,And I cleanse my hands in lye,*+ 31  Then you would dip me in a pit,So that even my own garments would detest me. 32  For he is not a man like me that I may answer him,That we should go to court together.+ 33  There is no person to decide* between us,Who could serve as our judge.* 34  If he would stop beating me*And not let his terror frighten me,+ 35  Then I would speak to him unafraid,For it is not in me to speak out of fear.


Or “to take Him to court.”
Or “removes.”
Possibly the Great Bear constellation (Ursa Major).
Lit., “the interior rooms of the south.”
Possibly the Pleiades stars in the Taurus constellation.
Possibly the Orion constellation.
Possibly a great sea monster.
Or possibly, “my opponent at law.”
Lit., “summon me?”
Or “Even if I am innocent.”
Lit., “crooked.”
Or “Even if I am innocent.”
Or “I do not know my soul.”
Or “despise; refuse.”
Or “those keeping integrity.”
Lit., “faces.”
Lit., “wicked.”
Or “potash.”
Or “no mediator.”
Lit., “put his hand upon us both.”
Lit., “remove his rod from upon me.”