Job 23:1-17

  • Job’s reply (1-17)

    • Wants to present his case before God (1-7)

    • Says that he cannot find God (8, 9)

    • ‘I kept to his way without deviating’ (11)

23  Job said in reply:   “Even today I will complain stubbornly;*+My strength is exhausted because of my sighing.   If only I knew where to find God!+ I would go to his place of dwelling.+   I would present my case before himAnd fill my mouth with arguments;   I would learn how he would answer meAnd take note of what he says to me.   Would he contend with me using his great power? No, surely he would give me a hearing.+   There the upright one could set matters straight with him,And I would be acquitted once and for all by my Judge.   But if I go east, he is not there;And I return and I cannot find him.   When he is working on the left, I cannot look upon him;Then he turns to the right, but I still do not see him. 10  But he knows the path I have taken.+ After he has tested me, I will come out as pure gold.+ 11  My feet have closely followed his footsteps;I have kept to his way without deviating.+ 12  I have not departed from the commandment of his lips. I have treasured up his sayings+ even more than what was required of me.* 13  When he is determined, who can resist him?+ When he* wants to do something, he does it.+ 14  For he will carry out completely what has been determined* for me,And he has many such things in store. 15  That is why I am anxious because of him;When I think about him, my fear grows. 16  God has made me fainthearted,And the Almighty has made me afraid. 17  But I have not yet been silenced by the darknessNor by the gloom that has covered my face.


Or “my complaint is rebellious.”
Or “prescribed for me.”
Or “his soul.”
Or “prescribed.”