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Frequently Asked Questions​—JW Broadcasting (Apple TV)

Frequently Asked Questions​—JW Broadcasting (Apple TV)

You may not be searching for the correct terms. (See the Install the JW Broadcasting App on Apple TV tutorial.) Or, your device may not be supported. JW Broadcasting is supported for Apple TV (4th generation).


JW Broadcasting is supported for Apple TV (4th generation and newer).

If you have an Apple computer or mobile device and an older Apple TV, you can use AirPlay to see the videos on your TV.


See the list of languages available for Apple TV. To switch languages, go to Settings on the home screen and use the Select a Language option.


The JW Broadcasting app is free to download and use.


The first time you use your Apple ID to sign in to one of the Apple Stores (iTunes Store, App Store, or iBooks Store), you are asked to enter a payment method, since not all content found in the stores is free.

If you do not want to link a payment method to your Apple ID, follow the steps in Apple’s support section.


A friend who is familiar with Apple TV or JW Broadcasting may be able to help you. If your question has to do with your Apple TV device or account, visit Apple’s online support. If you are having issues with the JW Broadcasting app, please contact our nearest branch office.