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Install the JW Broadcasting App on Amazon Fire TV

Install the JW Broadcasting App on Amazon Fire TV

Before you can watch JW Broadcasting on your Amazon Fire TV, you need to set up your Fire TV and install the JW Broadcasting app. Follow the steps below to get started:

 Set Up Your Amazon Fire TV

Your Amazon Fire TV should come with instructions to help you get set up and connected to the Internet. Once your Amazon Fire TV is connected, complete the setup by following the on-screen instructions. You may be prompted to register your Amazon Fire TV using your Amazon account user name and password.

Note: You will need access to the Internet from a computer or mobile device for the guided setup.

For additional information, watch the Amazon Fire TV video that demonstrates the setup process.

 Install JW Broadcasting On Amazon Fire TV

Navigate to the Amazon Fire TV home screen, then install JW Broadcasting using the following steps:

  • Press Up or Down on your Amazon Fire TV remote until Search is highlighted.

  • Press Select.

The Fire TV Search interface finds movies, TV shows, actors, directors, apps, games, and channels that match what you type. Look for JW Broadcasting under the Enter Apps & Games search results. Enter the words jw broadcasting.

When JW Broadcasting appears in the results list, press the Down arrow to highlight JW Broadcasting in the search results, then press Select. Press the Right arrow until you have highlighted the app, then press Select. Select the Get button to download the app to your Amazon Fire TV. After the app is downloaded, the Get button changes to an Open button.

To watch JW Broadcasting, select Open, or navigate back to the Amazon Fire TV home screen and find JW Broadcasting under Apps. Look in the section Your Apps Library.