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JW Broadcasting for Amazon Fire TV

JW Broadcasting for Amazon Fire TV

JW Broadcasting offers family-friendly online TV that is spiritually uplifting. Watch original content produced in the JW Broadcasting studio, as well as a selection of videos from the website. Watch one of the Streaming channels that show these videos 24 hours a day, or find and play videos using the Video on Demand feature. Go to the Audio section to listen to a variety of audio programs, including music, drama productions, and dramatic Bible readings.

Watch online on a computer, tablet, or smartphone at Watch on your TV using Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, or a Roku digital media player.



Install the JW Broadcasting App on Amazon Fire TV

Follow these steps to set up and watch the JW Broadcasting on your Amazon Fire TV.

Watch Videos on Amazon Fire TV

Find a video, control video playback, and watch recent or featured videos.

Listen to Audio on Amazon Fire TV

Listen to one audio program or an entire collection. Control audio playback.

Search for Audio and Video Content on Amazon Fire TV

Find videos, songs, or audio programs using the Search feature.

Frequently Asked Questions​—JW Broadcasting (Fire TV)

Find answers to the most common questions.