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Do You Remember?

Do You Remember?

Have you carefully read the recent issues of The Watchtower? Well, see if you can answer the following questions:

What are four things we can do to improve our singing?

We can use good posture by holding our songbook up high. We should breathe properly. When we open our mouth wide and sing out, we are able to sing louder.​—w17.11, p. 5.

What should impress us about the locations and roads connected to the cities of refuge in Israel?

There were six cities of refuge distributed in the land, with good roads leading to them. A man could thus find refuge relatively quickly and conveniently.​—w17.11, p. 14.

Why is God’s gift of the ransom through Jesus the best gift we could receive?

It satisfies our desire to keep living, and it fills our need to be freed from sin and death. Having warm feelings toward Adam’s offspring, God provided Jesus for us while we were yet sinners.​—wp17.6, pp. 6-7.

How did Psalm 118:22 point to Jesus’ resurrection?

Jesus was rejected as the Messiah and killed. In order for him to become “the chief cornerstone,” he had to be resurrected.​—w17.12, pp. 9-10.

Was the line to the Messiah tied to the right of firstborn?

At times the line of descent to Jesus was through the firstborn son, but not always. David was not Jesse’s firstborn son; yet, the Messiah descended from David.​—w17.12, pp. 14-15.

What are some medical principles found in the Bible?

Under the Law, those with certain diseases were to be kept isolated. People had to wash after touching a dead body. The Law required proper disposal of human waste. Circumcision was to be done on the eighth day of life, which was ideal with regard to the blood’s ability to clot.​—wp18.1, p. 7.

Why is a measure of self-love fitting for a Christian?

We are to love our neighbor as ourselves. (Mark 12:31) Husbands are to “love their wives as their own bodies.” (Eph. 5:28) Of course, self-love can become distorted.​—w18.01, p. 23.

What are some steps we can take to progress spiritually?

We need to study God’s Word and meditate on it and then apply what we learn. We must also keep our mind and heart open to the influence of holy spirit and gratefully accept help from others.​—w18.02, p. 26.

Why are astrology and fortune-telling not keys to knowing the future?

There are various reasons, but the prime reason is that the Bible condemns both practices.​—wp18.2, pp. 4-5.

How should we view accepting an invitation to a meal?

If we have accepted an invitation, we should try to be true to our word. (Ps. 15:4) We should not cancel frivolously. The host likely has worked hard to prepare the meal.​—w18.03, p. 18.

Appointed men can learn what lessons from Timothy?

Timothy truly cared for people and put spiritual interests first. He worked hard in sacred service and applied the lessons he learned. He kept training himself and relied on Jehovah’s spirit. Both elders and others can imitate his example.​—w18.04, pp. 13-14.